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  1. Sort of going along with my previous post, aside from a handful of bad apples and from what I've seen, problems are mostly always due to someone meddling with the gun's internals, a major manufacturing flaw, someone not liking the factory trigger, BCG, grip, etc and beotching about it. Most if not all AR's regardless of brand are going to be just fine. None of my AR's were bought as one complete gun. I pieced together each one with the best components I could afford, and most if not all the parts were in good used condition. Thus every one is a 'mutt' of sorts. For your first AR though I'd probably recommend a complete gun. But do shop around and don't be afraid to buy used. Personally, I think you can do better than 1000 for the above mentioned Stag. The Model 3 retails around $800+. Mags are cheap. Unless it's a Pelican case or something that really isn't a huge thing. However, red dots can be tricky. I once bought a no-name $40 tube style (as opposed to holographic red dot which I prefer) and it sucked. I threw it in my gun junk pile. If the red dot is an Aimpoint or some other 'good' name, then it just might be worth it. Again just my humble opinion.
  2. If you don't want to change uppers, look at the A.R.M.S. #2 carry handle mount. I have one and it works well. Just make sure to use loc-tite otherwise it WILL move. Speaking from experience.
  3. ARMS makes some great stuff. I have a #40 low profle and am very pleased.
  4. Nice Colt. Remember, anything with a pony will hold it's value.
  5. I did both a DPMS and RRA LPK in 2 recent builds. Both are of fine quality but my slight prefrence goes to RRA. Stock trigger feels just a tad better. As always YMMV.
  6. I honestly don't think I've ever taken my light off my zombie-killer AR, but it's a Streamlight TLR-2 so it has it's own rail attachment. A throw lever is nice for an optic because sometimes you might want to shoot with just irons.
  7. Personally I'd spend less money on the (insert name brand here) receiver and more on the barrel, optic, stock, ammo, mags, etc. Believe me, once you get an AR in your hand you’ll want to accessorize. FYI: the lower receiver is almost superfluous. I have 3 ‘no name’ lowers and they shoot just as well as my RRA, Busmaster, or S&W. It’s all about the barrel. If I had $2000 to spend on my first AR, I’d get a $200 complete lower, a $300 stock, a $500 optic, a $700 barrel, and $300 worth of ammo and mags. But that’s me. What kind of effective range are you looking for? The barrel is what you need to be looking for as it makes a big difference. An M4 (16” barrel) is a nice compromise between distance, accuracy, and fun-ness. It’s not as unwieldy or heavy as a 20+ inch bull barrel, but less accurate out past 100+ yds. Since you’re obviously not new to shooting this should come as no surprise. Coming from someone who owns just about every configuration, go to the range and ask if you can shoot someone’s AR. I bet you’ll see at least one every time you go and it’ll give you ideas about what feels right.
  8. I would caution against the use of this style of attachment: http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/Midwest-Ind...-p/mctar-03.htm I tried several version from a few different manufacturers and found them to be floppy and not really secure. Wasted money IMO. YMMV though. I replaced my original M4 handguard with a Midwest Industries MI#17 Carbine 2 Piece Tactical Handguard: http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/Midwest-Ind...-p/mctar-17.htm Through competitions and years of general plinking, it has held up perfectly. And on a side note, I have several different handguards from MI for my different AR’s. Highly recommended, and again, hard to beat for the money. Happy shooting!
  9. I vote for the Bore Snake. Quick, easy, safe, and does a nice job. I'm pretty sure I have one of every size. I haven't used a rod to clean a bore in years. However, one can never have too many cleaning products!
  10. First question is, do you have some sort of ultra-nasty stuff that won’t come off or are you looking to save a buck by using a $4 can of brake cleaner vs a $10 can of XX-gun cleaner? But on to your question: I have a friend that use loves brake cleaner. Uses it on EVEYRTHING and he shoots a terrific amount per week. After shooting one day he sprayed some brake cleaner on a new-to-him AR with rather disastrous results. He didn't realize that the receiver had been refinished at one point. Whoever did it didn't anodize the finish. It was some sort of spray on stuff. It LOOKED ok but it did not hold up against brake cleaner. I don't recall if he took the plastic off. I would to be on the safe side. Personally I use M-Pro 7 because I like to breathe fresh air while cleaning my guns. But that’s me.
  11. Thought I'd check in to see who else is living in the Commiewealth. Say Hi. I don't bite.
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