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  1. DoWorkTrevor

    Yet, another build completed

    Gorgeous! Looks just like my recent build, but I went the Spikes/Magpul route, and gave the Vortex Crossfire a try since I already have a SPARC. Oh and I have a 14.5” pinned so I only have the 12” MI M-LOK Rail. Did go with the BCM Gunfighter MOD 3 charging handle though, and all my builds are FDE lol How are the PRO MBUS’ compared to the original MBUS?
  2. DoWorkTrevor

    Question of Ignorance but

    Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!!
  3. DoWorkTrevor

    Question of Ignorance but

    Jesus DPMS is owned by Remington now too? When did this happen?
  4. DoWorkTrevor

    Question of Ignorance but

    Awesome man! Look forward to the finished pics!!
  5. DoWorkTrevor

    Drake/ Athena 0.5 MOA 5.56 plans for 7.62x51

    “This precision rifle was designed as a high-performance alternative to the military’s M12 or Mk11/M110 program(s), with a similar mission profile that features high-performance options at an affordable price” Im sorry but that got me busting up laughing lol Is that the price for the whole rifle or just the G36esque front end?
  6. Billet always looks prettier and is always going to cost more. I’ve never forked over the extra money to go with billet, but to each their own! So I couldn’t attest for durability/fit. Looks like a gorgeous start to an AR-10 build though!
  7. DoWorkTrevor

    Question of Ignorance but

    lol odd car story, but best of luck with your build! I haven’t dealt with DPMS but I know Spikes used to do special order stuff for customers all the time, but this was back in ‘11. I’m slowly getting back into the process. I have a Colt Sporter Lightweight that’s an A2 and it’s what I learned to shoot on. Nothing beats the classics. The twist on my bbl left much to be desired lol
  8. DoWorkTrevor

    Lots of stuff for sale

    No worries, figured as much but it was worth a shot! Thanks!
  9. Thank you all for all of your help. ASAP is now on the rifle, and I’m back to my normal single point to double point for carry setup. Glad to be back!!
  10. Perfect! You guys are the best!!! Now to buy a vice.... any suggestions?
  11. DoWorkTrevor

    Got a small order in from LaRue today.

    Grips look great but that looks like OD to me, not FDE. Just my eyes though.
  12. AFAIK they don’t use Loctite, but will confirm with Spikes. Thank you for the Geissele suggestion @geepee3 Im probably going to go that route and try the Magpul version of what you posted to get the birdcage off. Also thank you for warm welcome back everyone!!!
  13. DoWorkTrevor

    Lots of stuff for sale

    I’ll take the 3A if available.
  14. DoWorkTrevor

    WTS Burris AR536 Prism Scope

    Still available?
  15. For awhile I put my rifles away and put my concentration into computers, got deep into gaming, and still am, but have the the black rifle itch agin. An AF buddy of mine had to move to California for relocation, so he couldn’t bring his Spikes ST-15 with him. I’ve made some modifications, but for the life of me CANNOT get the Castle Nut off! I know it’s staked, and even bought a mag vise that I drilled into my bench, but the polymer mag vice BROKE while trying to get the nut off (it specifically advertised itself as used for removing castle nuts and flash hiders). I want to add the ASAP like my other rifles, but am lost. I’m having the same trouble with the flash hider as well, because I want to add the PRI MB QC. Any suggestions? Yes I’m using an armorers wrench. I’m lost here guys