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  1. Thanks for the links. am considering one of those..lol
  2. Anyone have have of these? First time i have seen or heard of one was today at a local gun shop. Simulates full auto and is atf approved. Kind of cool but spendy. Theres some videos on youtube of it. http://search.yahoo.com/r/_ylt=A0oGdW6ezNh...esolutions.com/
  3. There a section to click on for all the sponsor/vendors?
  4. ANyone have a link? How about the one on cheaper than dirt?
  5. I replaced the plastic shorty with a metal 4 rail set up and now have decided that I want a rifle length rail set up. I replaced the front sight with a yankee hill flip up sight/ gas block. So my question is who makes a longer handguard that I can keep the frontsight set up and not break the bank?
  6. I have a xdm 9mm and I really like it.. It was my first handgun. So I can understand where you are coming from on the differences. I look at my buddies 1911 .45 and am not sure if I like it now.
  7. It was the wolf military stuff I shot. When you say dont shoot brass after steel do you mean load another mag with brass and shoot or clean out the gun entirely before going back to brass? I ve been wanting to try that bear ammo but was scared to shoot steel. Read they tend to stick in the chamber , but once again that may not pretain to my rifle.
  8. Well I shot my first steel casings today. Was relucant to do so since reading some people had issues.. They fired fined.. How many people have had issues with them? Im not going to use only steel all the time but every now and then especially for the price.
  9. Honestly Im not sure I didnt look. He fired 30 rounds thru it after he messed with it. All i know is when I pulled the charging handle back it would pull the shell out and feed another.. Looks like I have more to learn about these rifles..
  10. Not sure on number of rounds since last time I had shot , been a few months.. My buddy took it loast night and tore it down and turned out the gas block wasnt tight so that was my issue.. He said I had oiled the rifle to much. I was told you cant before but....
  11. American Eagle 5.56 and Cproducts mag.
  12. All of a sudden( well has been awhile since i shot it last) my ar is firing right. would shoot 3-4 rounds like it should and then it wont extract or reload. I have to do it each time.. Any ideas on whats going on? I took it apart and cleaned and lubed it and still does it.
  13. Ok let me repharse it is based off the m16 . pistol grip , magwell, ejector chamber assist etc. So there wouldnt be any need to retrain to use. Like it would be hard to learn but not the point.
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