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  1. Welcome, proud owner of 2 recon-1s. Excellent scope mount and better than the compitition in my opinion. Also a proud owner of a few of the td vert grips with your qr built in.
  2. You're welcome. We have a very good yet off the radar defense, all we have to do is give them a break once in a while. When our offense can get a first down or two, not many teams will score a lot of points.
  3. Hmm, the bushmasters I own must not have got that memo. I have 3 that are all over 10yrs old, have multiple thousands of rounds through them, have never had a part break or need to be replaced, and have shot anything from premium ammunition to the cheapest shat money can buy without a problem. Compared to a flavor of the month company that is fairly new to making firearms in general, I'll take a bushmaster any day of the week.
  4. The federal fusion 62gr have been working pretty good on deer for me.
  5. None of the above for me, all way overpriced for what you get. You can build up a dpms or mega and get less weight, better accuracy, and more reliability than any of the above options. For less cash than the above base rifes you can build one, add high quality optics, and throw in 10 loaded pmags.
  6. AKpropane

    Pre-Ban Mags

    Trying to post pics of the mags if anyone else is interested. The three with date stamps are spoken for. Not the best shape, but legal and fuctional.
  7. It's just new gas rings making it tight. Oil it up and put around 100-200 rounds through it, the rings will start to loosen up. Headspacing is really not a big issue, unless you are combining a brand new bolt with a 20,000 round count barrel or vice versa you have nothing to worry about.
  8. Either ADM, Larue, GG&G, or BOBRO would suit you fine. The PEPR is a good mount for the price. I prefer the quick releases myself. If you have no plans of removing it, get the PEPR and blue locktite it.
  9. I wash mine with soap and water about once a month or sometimes every other month.
  10. AKpropane

    Pre-Ban Mags

    Not sure if there is any interest here, I still have quite a few pre-bans left that. If some people here need some or what not, you could order some new ones, (P-Mags maybe ) from a vendor shipped to me and then I could mail the pre-bans to you. I still have the following left: All are 30 rounders with signs of use. They all work fine, but have seen some use. 1x Center Industries Corp, Wichita, KS U.S.A marked 6P199 06/91, black followers 2x Center Industries Corp, Wichita, KS U.S.A marked 6P199 09/91, black followers Also have the following with no date stamps 1x Okay industries, New Britain, Conn USA no markings, black followers 1x Okay industries, New Britain, Conn USA no markings pretty good scratch in it, black followers 1x Adventureline MFG Co, INC Parsons, KS USA no markings, black followers 1x DSL Sanchez Ent. Mansfield, OH USA no markings, black followers 2x DSL Sanchez Ent. Mansfield, OH USA no markings, green followers 3x Black no markings what so ever 2 holes on each side top and bottom, black followers 2x Black (maybe steel) no markings what so ever 1 hole each side top, black followers
  11. Not an expert here, but I was under the impression that having a short AR barrel in addition to an AR rifle is constuctive intent or some other BS per BATF. I recall a case where BATF charged a person with that because he had an AR rifle in a case along with an Ar pistol and an extra barrel. Similiar lines to owning a M16 fire control group, or a DIAS. It's only legal if you do not posess a semi-automatic AR. If you have possesion of both it's constructive intent of an unregistered machine gun. I would highly recomend looking into this.
  12. It depends on what your goal is, if you are looking to show pictures and have everybody go "ooh, awww, good choice" then go with the noveske. If you are looking for a barrel to outperform you, then go with WOA. Speaking from experience WOA barrels are an excellent choice. While I don't have an 18", I do have a 16" and a 20" of theirs both aprox 5yrs old with over 10k rounds between the two. If their quality is consistant with what it was 5 yrs ago, you will never regret it.
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