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  1. I thought the 300 blackout was just about dead I do like the Ossm ballistics look pretty badass but ammo is only available through one company now making it even more scarce than the 30 Rem
  2. Guys I'm kinda leaning towards a 30 Rem AR and was wondering about how that round is doing. When I google it all I get is a bunch of stuff from 08-09 when they were first being introduced I know Remington really started selling them early to mid last year. So I was wondering is the round dying? Doing ok? What? Ammo seems to be in short supply espicially the 150gr I don't know if that's due to popularity or the round floundering. Seems like a decent round. I guess I just don't wanna jump in on the tail end of a rifle round. Thanks RJ
  3. Thanks again I'm planning on going with a Spikes t2 buffer anyway also I'm assuming that rem used a commercial not mil spec buffer tube? anyone know?
  4. Thanks guys for the help I do know what I'm doing when it comes to the stocks and buffers - I just had heard that the Rem ARs were made to be noncompatiable with other black gun parts ie uppers and lowers etc Just to make them special I guess I heard wrong. Thanks again
  5. guys im thinking about picking up a Rem 30 AR but I really dont like A2 stocks can other AR stocks be swapped on? thanks
  6. Hi guys I just finished my first AR project and am moving onto my next This one is going to be a 308. I initially had wanted an Armalite just figuring that would be one of the best I would love a Knight Noveske or POF but they do not fall in my price range. So now I'm looking at Armalite Dpms and RRA. I'm kinda intrigued by the RRA because of the fal mags which are cheap and plentiful Any help or opinions will be greatly appreciated. My dollar cap is around 1800$ or so And I don't mind building another if someone could help point me in that direction either Thanks Ricky
  7. Damn kinda hard to pass up an acs with the buttpad and qd for just about the price of the stock on most sites
  8. well finally decided on Sparc ill get some pics when it comes in and im finished building then illl go blast a few hundred rounds and see how it holds up thanks guys for the replies
  9. Well guys now I have a few to look at. I may really just hold off and look for a good used Eotech to pop up. I think that's really what I want in the long run anyway
  10. Thanks Stuart and Alden for the info. No I haven't decided yet but the Sparc is sounding pretty good so far. I like that it has a high mount and should match up well with my Larue Magnifyer. It lookalike it shot fairly decent for the conditions Stuart. My only hang up with it so far has been for an additional 200-300$ I'm in the Aimpoint/ Eo range
  11. I read and I'm sure alot of you guys did the torture test a member of another forum put the sparc through. His results sounded pretty impressive. I havent checked out the primary arms I'm just trying to come up with something to put on it to hold me over till I can get an aim point or eotech
  12. almost finished with my rifle and am looking now for an affordable/cheap red dot im thinking of going with a vortex sparc or lucid whats the opinions on these or should i look else where thanks
  13. Yeah seems like the only ones left are upwards of 35-45$ a piece from Armalite or galati which is Cproducts but expensive
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