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  1. I have lived in Texas for almost 30 years. Some cars I have put front licenses on, some I have not. I personally do not like front licenses, my wife will not put one on her vehicles. She has been warned, never ticketed. Is another dumb law that I try to avoid. If others want to abide by it, that is ok. Just another dumb law, I guess it gives bored cops something to do instead of doing something worthwhile. Most seem to have something better to do, thankfully.
  2. ricochet


    I heard a slight variation to this, it went like this... Do ya know the difference between a muslim woman and a bowling ball? . . You could eat the bowling ball if you had to!!
  3. ricochet


    He called it off? Just because of being cross-eyed and a beard? Is that that much different than his other wives? Is funny! Could you really imagine the shock? Uhhggg!
  4. In all his arrogance, he will probably say "See, I told you so!" You know,he has everything figured out... Yeah, right! He is a tool He is a fool But, he thinks we are all the dumba$$es... There are many sheeple who will follow his lead and believe in him. That is sad... :oh yea:
  5. In some cases either one can be louder. From the shooter's perspective (or someone close by) usually a shorter barrel is going to have a louder report than a longer barrel. Next thing to affect the sound is the barrel device (or lack of a device). A bare barrel will usually have a little less report than will a barrel with a flash-hider or muzzle-brake. I can shoot a plain barrel rifle and it is loud, but depending on the FH/MB on another, the sound appears doubled. I have a short barrelled AK with a barrel extension FH on it that will just about run everyone around me off when shooting from a bench, while shooting the same loads from another AK appears much more tame. The same is true with shooting ARs, there are many variables so it is hard to give a blanket answer. Now, throw in the different burning rates of powders and it compounds the answer even more so. But, on average, I will agree with a previous post. The AK is more of a boom where the AR is more of a crack. With the rifles I usually shoot, I believe my AK will not damage my hearing quite as quick as my favorite AR, if I shot unprotected (which I rarely do anymore). Sorry that I couldn't give a shorter answer, but I have several rifles with recoil brakes and depending on the style, the report is a lot different. But from a distance (say maybe a canyon over), the sound is quite muted. It really is not simple, nor linear.
  6. Pet peeve #14 why is it taboo to speak Ill of the dead? I cannot answer the question, nor can I abide by it... If the shoe fits, let'em wear it... I do not wish ill on folks unless they deserve it, I do not heap praise on folks unless they deserve it.
  7. I started thinking about Murtha this morning when I realized something! A little nick killed the big prick. He sold us all out...
  8. I will not miss Murtha one bit. No loss at all...
  9. Beautiful pics I too would love to see them someday...
  10. I have had a type of adjustable bed from Sweden for maybe 10-12 years, called a Stockholm. It has the adjustable bladders, can adjust each side to what we each like. I had tried several top brands, I had to try something, my back was killing me. I could not sleep more than a few hours per night. I bought this mattress with a 90 night guarrantee. Yeah, it did cost a bit, it was the best money I ever spent though. I have never regretted that expense, and I figure it will continue paying us back nightly. Your mileage may vary, but my sleep is worth whatever it costs. It does require a new mattress topper every 2-3 years. They are a little warm, I have a towel under the fitted sheet (I glow in the dark-the wife says). My wife sleeps under blankets, I sleep with fans and just a lite sheet, BUT I SLEEP WELL. I am not trying to change anyones mind, nor do I stand to gain by offering good/bad advice. I'm just saying, these type mattresses are the right choice for some people. As in anything we choose, what I like may not be what you would like. Whenever we go on vacation, I truly miss my bed, no matter what I sleep on. And, not long after getting our mattress, my back got mostly better (after years of pain management, none since). Several of my friends have purchased the memory foam toppers and added them to their bed. Most tend to like these, some do not... So many choices. I have to rough it at work, but not at home. Again YMMV
  11. Thanks folks, I think I might like it 'round here. I don't see the pi$$ing matches going on. I really feel that folks can get along without trying to belittle others, afterall, we have a common goal mostly. Firearms are a way of life, have always been to me. I used to enjoy falfiles and a few other sites, till they seemed to get outa hand. I gotta get a few posts in, I guess. Kinda hate just to jump in, unless I have something to offer. C'ya...
  12. Hello guys and gals, I am a newbie here. I tend to lurk, seems I learn more when I am listening or reading from others. I have been in the gun circles for years, I am turned off by all the caustic people on just about every other site, seems there is a lot of hate out there. I do not want hugs and kisses, just want patience and knowedge. I enjoy taking folks shooting and I enjoy good firearms. I visit other sites often, do not do a lot of posting. I often have questions on the quest for perfecting my weapons, a quest that keeps me working my insane hours at work- I can justify purchasing toys to make up for a lack of any spare time. That about sums up my existance. I enjoy all firearms, from benchrest to just blasting away at paper. Lilja, BCM, Aimpoint,etc... have their hand in my pockets. I usually say "this is the last one" until someone (like you) sparks my interest in another direction, or something better. See y'all around...
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