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  1. Well, I guess this is why we have the internet, to keep up on current events. Will hit the big Phoenix gun show this weekend and see if I can find Underwood ammo. H
  2. So, just out of curiosity, when did Double Tap cease to be the dernier cri of 10mm ammunition? H
  3. Sig 220 holsters will generally fit very well, all of my 10XX holsters were made for Sig 220, but always try before you buy - leather conforms to your gun, plastic does not. H
  4. FWIW, my thought is as follows: There are two kinds of reloading people: those with time on their hands, and those without. Those with time, retirees and millionaires, should buy O Ring presses and least expensive equipment and enjoy making fine ammunition by hand. Those without time, working folks and competitive shooters who need a lot of ammo fast, need to spend the money on a progressive press and good equipment, which costs a lot more. Decide which kind of reloader you are before making decisions about equipment. You will end up with the same ammunition product either way if you do it right, it's just a question of time spent doing so. Just my $0.02 H
  5. 1006. Neither gun is very hard to find on gunbroker.com, Witnesses are still in production. Quality control is not very good on the EAA guns, look around this site. S&Ws were excellent quality and function, well made, durable, but rather heavy for sure. H
  6. Don't much care for the transfer bar guns myself, go for a Ruger not an Italian gun if that's what you want is my humble opinion. Uberti seems to be the best maker overall, EAA may import them. Of course once you get one, then you need the other gun, then the rifle, then the shotgun, leather, hat, boots clothes... and it's off to the SASS match! H
  7. One man's opinion... The .40 S&W G27 is the only real answer in the year 2012 for a defensive street carry gun. As far as I have seen, law enforcement who can have dumped pretty much everything else for plainclothes and off-duty use. The G29s don't really buy you that much IMHO for the trade-off in size and weight, isn't worth it carrying day in day out given that the likely engagement range is going to be 3-8 feet. I stand prepared to be corrected. H
  8. Yeah, that's what I did in the end. In the end, in spite of a brief period of pretty good functioning, I never quite got all of the bugs out of the gun after doing the following: 1 - Put Wolff increased power (+15%) mag springs in. This reduced FTF problems, but did not eliminate them entirely. 2 - Experimented with handloads, which appeared to eliminate the failure to return to battery. The gun never worked 100% with the factory Double Tap 185s that I wanted to use. A gun like this should not require custom ammunition. 3 - EAA never provided the replacement mags as repeatedly promised, although I understand that they did eventually have them. I never tried them on this gun, they might have helped. 4 - The rear sight fell off, which I fixed by putting it back on and re-staking it in place, but it was in keeping with the lack of quality theme of the gun in general. In the end, I had an 10 or 11 shot gun (it varied by magazine) that really didn't work reliably, sitting in the safe next to a 9 shot S&W 1026 that did. About the time the rear sight fell off, my interest ran out. The Witness got traded away to a dealer, who told me he later sold it on gunbroker - I think that both of us lost money on the deal. Perhaps somebody here ended up with it, it's pretty easy to recognize, probably the only one of its kind. Hope somebody has better luck with it than I did. The 1026 works perfectly to this day, and has been carried many a mile in the woods. And that's the story on that. H
  9. I had one of these too, it never fed properly. The slide cracked up, and the new slide didn't work any better. Tried everything to get the mags figurted out, new mag springs, feed lips, etc. Nothing worked. I probably could have eventually figured it out, but I dumped the gun instead because it wasn't going to be reliable. H
  10. I'm not an expert, but I really like the CZ-75 and had one of these 10mm EAAs for awhile, a full size. The first slide did indeed crack in four different places, and was replaced by EAA with the Elite slide. Beyond that, however, the gun was unfortunately junk in the sense that it wasn't made to the standard of "real" guns like S&W, Colt, Glock, etc (of course sometimes neither are they). It reminded me of a Bersa .380 I had once, an "almost gun", in every way just a little less than the real thing. The sights got loose and fell off, the gun wouldn't feed properly, the mags didn't hold their advertised capacity, the mag springs were under powered, the gun ejected (expensive) brass 20-25 yards away. I worried about when the frame would break as I have seen another EAA 10mm do. I felt inclined to make light loads for it, but then you just have a 40 S&W with expensive brass. In the end, I chanced upon a S&W 1026. This gun is very well made, shoots without any flaw, and no parts fall off. It holds 9 rounds in the mags, vice 10-11 in the EAA, and all the mags worked the first time no problems. The brass goes 10-15 feet away. The EAA ended up being left in the safe at 10mm shooting time - too much bother, too many issues, and the 1026 was right there ready to go. The EAA got sold on GB at a loss, I hope whoever got it thinks they got a good deal. H
  11. I often sell if I get something better that does the same job - got the S&W 1026, and dumped the EAA Witness without a second thought. Some guns are "fool-around guns" just for amusement, they come and go. Others are lifetime keepers. H
  12. They put an Elite match slide and barrel on my cracked Wonderfinish gun, even threw in an ambi safey addition and paid shipping both ways. Did it pretty quick, but kept all of the papers, lock, and wrnech that was in the box - can't have everything. I ended up dumping the gun at a loss, too many little problems still - not up to snuff on quality IMHO. H
  13. One word - energy. The round hits harder than anything short of a .41 Magnum, and it's an automatic of a practical size. Try shooting some rocks or car parts next to your .45 ACP (hillbilly ballistics lab), very noticeable difference. H
  14. Here ya go. Just sent it down to my FFL for GunBrokerization. Seems the S&W 1026 kind moved in and took over the roost, so to speak. Don't know what he plans to ask for it. H
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