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  1. Any reason why? The last firearm i would purchase would be a revolver or a hipoint.
  2. I am in Ga. Yes home defense purposes. I have a .223 upper and acquired a bunch of reloads that i was told are .223 but I am thinking ther are 556. So instead of poss hurting my .223 fig id just add 556 pistol to use ammo.
  3. I was just gathering info. Longer seemed better for ballistics but didnt know if there were downsides like front dips easy when shooting or not great cycling. Ive had 16" for over 10years but first time i thought about getting pistol. Just dont want to jump and regret a lil research. Thanks everyone.
  4. I am currently considering building an Ar pistol 556 not sure 7.5" barrel or 10. Im sure its been discussed b4 but any new info on is it worth it and which barrel is best? Opinions? Ballistics? Thanks.
  5. I dont know if you are in a state that allows it but look into CBD oils can help with many types of cancers. Speaking first hand. he will be in my prayers
  6. if any teacher had a ccw, none of this lineup, no trial, none of us paying for him to be in jail. just sayin
  7. seriously, good luck! best thing I was ever told act like you are interviewing them too. ask them just as many questions about the company
  8. that is good to hear. Sight with backup irons. but that is just what i believe if I hear a good argument, I am always willing to change.
  9. Thats what I believe but i see many ar's out there that look nice but look 15 pounds and needed to know why they have it, is it show or survival?
  10. I have herd that the best accessories dont matter if you cant lift the gun! Or keep it lifted long enough to save your life. how many is too many and what do you think is the most important?
  11. I am looking for a gun range to break in and sight the scope in northeastern GA was wondering if there are any 100/yd ranges open to public above 285 on 85 or 316?
  12. I think the key is whatever you do moderation is the key. oil or just Cleaner don't use too much it can cause the barrel to get stopped up. Oil protects from rust and corrosion but it attracts dirt.
  13. stainless bull. going to be a pain in the @$$ i have to let it cool every shot. I am moving toward the aimpoint.
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