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  1. GO BRAVES!!! I just got back from the rubber game in the series and boy did we put a whoopin on those Nats! Tim Hudson looked like he was in mid-season form, and I would not want to be an opposing pitcher for the Chipper, McCann, Uggla, Heyward combination. I think McClouth is our only weak spot right now, but if he turns it on we're gonna be tough to beat. Phillies.....bleh.
  2. Great post. Obviously a fan! I bought an XD compact 9mm about a month ago. I've only been to the range with it once, but I already know I will probably never shoot my poor Ruger P95 again :( I'm by far no authority on handguns, but this weapon is the most accurate pistol I've shot so far. That sucks to hear about the loaded chamber indicator. I'll watch out for that. There are probably differing opinions on how important that feature is, but if it's there it should be reliable, like any other part of the gun.
  3. Lookin good! How did that AFG work out for ya?
  4. Sick bro. Still debating doing something like that w/ mine.
  5. On our bulletin board at work someone posted up a DPMS 5.56/.223 carbine for sale with flat-top upper and an ACOG for $950! I called the guy immediately (I didn't see the bulletin until about an hour after he posted it) and he had already sold it. I asked him if it were an actual ACOG or a knockoff and he says it was the real deal. I was so mad I missed out on that I felt sick for about an hour. Oh well. I'll be ready for the next time a deal like this comes around, anywhere between 5 and 500 years from now.
  6. Here's my Doublestar 16". It's almost finished except for I'll be switching out the front sight, probably to a YHM flip up.
  7. Was gonna do the same thing. Couldn't decide between "zombies" or "liberals"
  8. Are you talking PING from the target or PING from the action in the rifle? Cause I remember my M4 in the army having more of a PING than a POW, and I was expecting that when I first shot my AR. Definitely not what I remember. My AR is one loud muther!
  9. Agree, love the coloring and overall style gets an A+
  10. Any plans to add the Vortex 3x magnifier? anyone use one of these?
  11. Usually they have ATMs outside for just that purpose. However, I wouldn't "bank" on that, and even if they do they usually charge a significant fee or may be out of money. I would take some cash.
  12. It really depends on what you will use it for, and everyone here will tell you that. If you just want to have it to plink around with and use occasionally, you can find a decent, complete flat-top AR for about $650. Then you'll just need to throw a rear iron sight on it, buy some mags and ammo and it'll be ready to go. I haven't really compared all the different manufacturers out there, so I won't recommend this or that, but you don't have to spend 1k + on your first AR, especially if you don't know what you want out of it yet.
  13. agree with this. I didn't mind so much when i was just looking at a red dot. but i'm wondering if things may get a little too "busy" when i have the front sight mixed in with the EOTech dot within a dot. just want to keep it clean and simple. i'm excited about trying it out though!
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