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  1. I've been wanting to a compact 10mm for carry on the 1911 platform but so far everything I've read has said the same thing, timing problems and cracked slides/frames. (Yes I know Dan Wesson made a 10mm CCO but they're damn near impossible to find and way too expensive if you did). So I kept thinking about it and wondered why is that Glock was able to pull this off. After a bit it came to me, polymer frames are what make them have a lot easier time handling the pressure and recoil from a 10mm. I know of a few companies that make poly-framed 1911's, STI, SVI, Bul to name a couple. Does anyone know of any that make them compact? If I could find a compact double stacked polymer 1911 frame which barrel should I use? Would I have to reem out a compact .40 S&W barrel? Would a linkless system be better? What type and how heavy should my recoil spring and guide rod be? Can the frame be bobbed (is it even worth it)? What kind of mags could I get and if I can't which ones can be modified? If anyone would like to chip in and help on this one I'd love to have ideas bounced off this.
  2. Eh, he said it was a lost cause. He'll only do cylinders that are 1 5/6" in diameter, mine's only 1 1/4".
  3. Recently I've been wanting to carry a revolver more and more. I like the idea of .45 LC but I like the idea of 10mm even more, since that's already my primary carry piece. I must say I've yet to find a revolver I like better than my Dan Wesson, so I was thinking about getting another one and converting it. The thing is though I would need multiple barrels done and would I use the small frame .357 or the larger frame? Who could I go to for a conversion? Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance guys.
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