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  1. Welcome to the forum..... I shoot a g20 also I was thinking UMC = Union Metallic Cartridge also. I got some of those a long time ago at a gun show. They go bang... not like a good home brew or double tap though. Keep on keeping on
  2. Midway has Remington primers in stock. I ended up ordering 2,000 large pistol primers and some more accurate no 7 the other day. Saving my cabellas gift cert. for some grouper trolling plugs. Going to experminent with some magnum primers and some slower burning powder in a while. THANKS!!!
  3. I have also heard the mag primer vs reg large pistol primers to. Not sure? That is my main question / concern. What primers are best? I think for now I'll stick with regular large pistol primers. I'll be shoting 200, 180 and 150 grain Nosler and Hornady JHP's. I'll search through the 10mm reloading forum on glock talk and any posts by TaosGlock on this forum. I'll let you all know how it goes when I finally get everything. THANKS GUYS!
  4. I'm in the experimental / newbie phase of reloading for the 10mm.... so...... I'm getting ready to place an order for primers and some more powder. Because almost EVERYTHING is out of stock I'd like to double my order on primers (to make the hasmat fees more worth it) I'm going to placed an order for 1,000 - 10mm brass from starline in a few min. ... waiting game until that is in stock. I have 1lb of blue dot powder already. . I have a $100.00 gift cet. from Cabela's so I'm getting 1 more lb of powder and 2000 primers from them. I'm thinking about getting (2) 1000 packs of Federal large pistol primers and (1) pound of Accurate no. 7. Do you guys like the Federal primers for your 10mm? (i'm shooting a G20) Federal has always been a great factory bullet for me in many other calibers. If you guys can can recommend other primers and or powder that may work better I would appreciate your input. THANKS!!
  5. Thanks guys The G20 is the only 10mm I own now. I plan on adding a Kimber or a CZ to the arsenal. I would love to get the Night Hawk long slide but that's a bit out of the budget.
  6. How cool is this!! A forum for 10mm!!! I have been the happy owner of a G20 for about 5 years now. The only upgrade it has is a laser max internal laser sight. I LOVE the gun and it is silly powerful!!! (you all know that for sure) I am planning on instaling a lone wolf 6" barrel with a long slide in a few months.... can't wait! My dad has been reloading some nasty 325 short mags, 30-06 and 270 for a few years and we are going to FINALLY start reloading some hand gun ammo. My pops mainly shoots his .45 Kimber.... great gun... but not as sweet as a 10mm. We don't shoot as much as we would like to... mabey once a month at best. Reloading ammo for our handguns should keep us at the range mabey 2x that. I am going to have lost of reloading questions for you guys, and I think I came to the right place! My dad just got a chronygraph. Verry cool! I look forward to sharing lots of reloading info with everyone!
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