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    welcome to the armory; it's a great hideout!
  2. R.J., i might be interested if you decide to sell your kkm standard & get the comp.
  3. after doing as COSteve suggested on the 10-2 on the barrel hood i have success. i was able to fire, 5 at a time, from a mag and a locked slide, 26 rounds. my only problem had been getting the first round from the mag and into the barrel, but i was able to do it five times today. now for more loading and hopefully repeated results. i will still be adding a g21 lci & parts.
  4. isn't speed(cyclically) produced(runs faster)w/less slide mass? i thought that's why all the games guys used releived slides. i have a few lwd slides and they're all cut out. i don't notice it while shooting and i bought them used so it wasn't my choice. to the OP: i bought a g21 upper complete for $285 on arf or gt. people: if you want something, just keep watching for it; with this economy circling the bowl, no telling what's liable to become available!
  5. sorry for the delay-you may have found an answer but hqave you checked kkm's page; they have 1911 barrels listed IIRC. i love my kkm conversion barrel.
  6. i've seen some for sale on various sale sections but can't tell why. some are reasonable. check arfcom & gt as well as here. i alsways check used first and only once got taken(in my mind)-all my conversion stuff came off various sale pages. btw, i passsed on the kkm compensated as i have a longslide i'm working on. i wanted a g20 for carry so i bought one. i'm very impressed w/kkm. besides COSteve uses them, i had a great conversation w/them on the phone before i bought my barrel(used).
  7. as COSteve suggested, i 'took the edge off' the top of the chamber between 10 & 2 and had zero failure to chamber from the mag, in my garage. i can't claim success yet-hoping for range time at lunch, but it sure seems possible. another reason i think i may be having failure to feed is the squared off nose 180s i'm shooting. can anyone recommend a different shaped 180 on 40/10, on the cheap side as i'm a first-class cheap bastid? tia michael
  8. Welcome SillyRabit! I second your getting a g21 but if you want to convert to 10mm w/it, get an lwd g20 slide. I'm having fits trying to get mine to load the first round from the mag! I already have an lwd longslide so I'm pretty much stuck as to making this work. I'll post if I'm successful!
  9. you'd be better off w/a g21 then get a conversion barrel-i have a kkm 6 inch. i'm having fits trying to make it run in an lwd 6 inch slide but it runs great in my stock slide. check out my whinings! if COSteve can do it i'll die trying!
  10. this is what i'm trying to do, conversion. it's highly possible. mine runs 100% consistantly-after the first round has been loaded. brainstorm: i was about to say it runs full mags but i'm working up loads so i only load 4 rounds at most. maybe it will load the first round consistantly if i fill the mag! oh joy! a project that won't cost money and waste my time while it's in transit. if i load some rounds today i could go to the range tomorrow. crap! i have to drive to austin in my e46 cabrio w/o the family maybe next week then.
  11. not to threadjack but both carcrazysammy & myself had experienced ftf w/the steel guide rod/wolf spring setup. 'sammy clued me in on this and i experienced it myself yesterday: gun runs fine w/stock spring setup but jams on initial loading(slingshot style) but only on first round; all others fed fine. i don't know if 'sammy's jammed on every round. i will try dropping the slide catch(although i hate to do it!)amd see if that ends the jams. is there are 'factory-style' heavier spring?
  12. OP, hit back, go down and check out any posts by TaosGlock=superb information and testing. i don't know if elevation plays a part(he's in the mountains, lucky bastid!)but just ask him. he seems like a great guy! i think he'll experiment for you when he has time.
  13. welcome! i'm right here w/you! new to the forum and the weapon but not to reloading. you're starting out better than me; i bought accurate #5(should have bought 9, or 7). you have blue dot-recommended. some have said magnum primers, others have said not necessary. i don't know; i have both but will hold off on that decision. what bullet weight? i have 180 since i load for .40. i also have power pistol powder but i heard it's better for lower weight bullets, which ones i don't know. please let me know if i may confuse you further! do you know there is a 10mm reloading forum on glocktalk? also the general reloading forum on ar15.com, which is where i heard about this one, maybe?
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