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  1. Hi Shadow--many thanks! Great pics and great info. I am very relieved to understand more on this process. I will take some pics of what is my scenario and post for everyone's information. I wondered about the safety aspect of all this and had read about "smileys" but now comprehend the situation much better. Basically if it has the line smiley, chuck it. If it is bulged and comes back to close to normal specs without a line smiley I can resuse the brass. Re the setting of the sizing die--should I try to get it as close to the shell plate as possible? One friend here today told me to cam over the handle and get as much of the brass within the sizing die as possible. I have to say I am surprised to see new Starline brass deform so much on the first reload, but maybe I am getting close to upper levels that will do this with 1,100fps and 180gn FMJ's... I will try backing down to 6.5gn on my powder for the next run as it is fine for practice and IPSC here and may save more brass for another run of reloads. I will also do several tests using both the G20 and the full ramped Fusion 1911 with 6" barrel to compare. Regards, Dan
  2. I recently got back in to reloading my 10mm ammo with my old Hornady ProJector press. Bought some new Starline brass and worked my way up with loads using the local powder I get from Argentina (I live in Paraguay). Using 180gn FMJ bullets I went from Chrony speeds in my G20 of just over 930fps at the lower 6.0gn powder level and ended up with just on 1,100fps for the 180gn FMJ at 6.8gn powder (most of the IPSC shooters here use this powder for 9mm and .40SW pistol loads). All reloads entered the Glock barrel fine and ejected fine. Primers are Federal No 150 Large Pistol. OAL on the reloads is averaging 1.250" to 1.255". A couple reloads I left at closer to the max of 1.260" to see if there was any difference in chambering into my Fusion Firearms 1911--generally the FF fed the ammo well but a couple didn't want to enter the chamber. I presume this is likely to being the longer rounds, but didn't stop to check those (dumb) at that time. Just kept practicing with the Glock. I had pre measured all ammo by dropping to the Glock barrel and none got stuck or were tight. All plunked in just fine so I was happy with width dimensions. The FF didn't get the couple loads into the barrel--the rounds simply didn't feed completely from mag to ramp/barrel. Stuck half way. I inspected the used brass and see the base is bulged to ~.433"-.436". What could be the cause of this? Am I seating the bullets too deep at the OAL of 1.25-1.255 thereby creating too little space for powder and raising the pressure too much? Bullet overall size is ~.650" and these are the standard bullets other shooters are using for .40SW. The lower power reloads showed less tendency to bulge (0.425-0.427" measured). When I resized the bulged brass it created a marked line at the base which scares me as I reckon this could have weakened the case enough to split if reloaded again. I tried another sizing die (Lyman) and the same thing occured. The brass I run through is left with a "stretch mark at the base". Is this because the bulged brass is too far bulged to return to normal shape? BTW I am using normal brass not the nickel plated stuff. I reset the Hornady sizing die as per Hornady instructions to have the die just touch the shell plate before the handle cams over and got this stretch line effect again. Backing the die out higher doesn't seem to help much either. I tried the Lyman die again and setting it higher up than shell plate contact did resize a couple that looked ok, but also left a couple stretch marked cases. Any advice from you more experienced guys for a newbie would be much appreciated. I will try to get some pictures posted later. Thanks. Dan
  3. Sorry--bad finger spelled Glock 21 in 42--should have been 45.
  4. I have to say that there is something to the contrarian aspect for the 10mm--but only after all the round bashing that came out since it arrived on the scene from many different sources. Hats off to the FBI for moving on this caliber back when. Hats away to the FBI for wimping out when it was deemed "too powerful" for some (women?, midgets?, kids?--they can all learn to adapt to a more powerful cartridge) to handle so they go with the Short and Wimpy .40, which is still better than the 9mm by the way. As has been stated, the 10mm offers the best all round options for whatever a shooter wishes to choose. It will still be accurate out to 100m/yds, where the 9mm and 45 are drooping or loose oomph. A friend of mine tonight said "the 10mm is harder to double tap if you need to...", but if you are with a hot round, aim well, hit the target... maybe you don't need a double tap. One good shot like a 45 HydraShock 230gn at short distance will do the job. Take your favorite 10mm (135JHP- 200 JHP) and you are in the same realm if not better. I think there is (as said in other replies to this post) a resentment from the established press against the 10mm. There is no other explanation why they would shitcan a superior ballistic performance over all other common pistol rounds with the only repeated mention being it is hard to control. Conclusion--cult status, maybe. If so then that is good as it keeps this alive due to our rebel popularity. Superior performance--without a doubt against all the current common pistol cartridges. Hard to handle?--practice with the round you find comfortable. My 12 year old son shot my Mossberg 12gauge a short while ago and it knocked him back a bit. Then he figured out how to lean in and aim and it worked. Bring on the bruises was what he said the second time around... In the end we are preaching to the converted. We will all just continue with our interest or passion and see if the ignorant outside brainwashed world see the light. Meantime I will enjoy my 10mm. It is good to see new entries in to the 10mm field coming such as ParaOrdnance--this means we are still growing and the bigger companies are listening. Cheers, Dan
  5. Great to hear of another Fusion Fan! I called Bob Serva last year when I was going back to the USA (live in South America) to see what he had in stock. Build time depending on what one wants can vary a lot--but this is a custom 1911 pistol built to clients request. He had a Grand Sport Hunter Tactical Elite (6") in stock (that is parts available but not yet built) in 10mm so I asked if he could rush the finish on this to get to me for the short time I would be in the PNW. Bob was great!! Replied to every email asap, finished the gun on time, sent to me as planned prior to my returning down south. My only problem was that the FFL dealer that received the gun didn't advise me on the paperwork that I had to sign until the day the gun arrived/day before I was due to leave so it stayed with him since last July as he couldn't "give it to me"....... Very frustrating (why couldn't he have told me to sign whatever was needed the weeks prior????). I did get to handle the weapon and very much look forward to shooting it soon. I am back up north in 3 weeks. I can say that I was very impressed by FF, Bob is great for customer service and I have no doubt that this will be a 10mm addition that I will love. Details: 10mm double stack mag based on STI lower 416 SS 6" match ramped barrel with SS bushing Sights are: rear--adjustable Bomar Tritium Combat with Tritium Dovertail Front. Both front and rear are green. Hammer: Pro-Series Hi-Force Black, match Trigger: Pro-Series "Black Carbon Fiber" LT ADJ Match Extra spring kit free. I have a Glock 20 in 10mm, Glock 21 in 42, Tanfoglio Force 9mm amongst others but already know that the FF 1911 will be my favorite. Cheers, Dan Not sure if I got the pic in Ok. How do you add pictures to the replies? Dan M Grand Sport Tact Humter XL-5xx.jpg
  6. I just saw that Thureon Defense has a nice looking carbine in all the pistol calibers including 10mm and it uses the Glock mags. I think I have just found the solution to my carbine craving.... Website is http://www.thureondefense.com/. They don't mention 10mm on the website but at the Shot Show they did confirm that in an interview. I reckon this would be better than the Feather given what I have read about the Feather and some complaints. Dan
  7. Thanks for the reply. I'll keep pondering on how I do this when I am back home and have time. If anyone does happen to own an MP10 I sure would be interested in buying that..... Regards, Dan
  8. Sounds good! I guess it would be hard to come by an original MP5/10. What do you mean by having a MP5/40 being rebuilt? Do you know anyone I could contact to do this? My apologies for my gunsmithing ignorance. Thanks, Regards, Dan
  9. Thanks for the replies! I contacted Coharie to see if they still make that. I agree, seems a shame that no one considers using the 10mm for a carbine. I guess I could always go with a Mec-Tec CCR ...
  10. Hi Guys--I'm new to the Forum. I was on another Forum several years ago, but dropped away with work, family etc... occupying my time. A friend of mine is an assistant chief of police and has worked a lot with SWAT teams and the FBI. I asked him about the MP10 and he said it was no good. That is couldn't handle the higher power and pressure of the 10mm. Is it still being made? Have they fixed the problems and is it now reliable? Can you get a civilian version or does someone make a good copy? I'd love to have one to complement my G20 when I go out bush (I live in South America) and not have to carry different ammo. If there is info on this already I apologize for being repetitive, but as a newbie I can't do a search on the Forum until I have 10 posts or replies. Thanks--Dan
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