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  1. Yes Retcop, he still competes. As of Jan 2018, he sepperated from the high school team to focus on smallbore (not permitted in school) and international air rifle (Standing 60 shot unsupported @ 10M). Which in turn made me not just the parent, but also the coach, match coordinator, driver, financier, and crisis intervention expert! Our (his) dream is to make it into a NCAA division I school/team to compete as well as National Junior Olympics coming up next year. The sights are a 22mm globe with an adjustable diameter iris inside. Not pictured are the upgraded rear sight (Anshutz 20-50) fitted with a 5 color filter/adjustable diameter rear iris with polorizer filter (Centra/MEC)for various lighting conditions. The sight is $500 and the rear iris is another $350. the added front iris is also $200 more than the factory fixed iris. Wth the current (matched to rifle) ammunition RWS R50, this rifle will shoot a 20 shot 7.5mm group at 50 feet when he does his part. A .22lr is 6mm bullet. In the pics I added, the 9.6mm group is shot with practice grade ammo (RWS Rifle Match) due to the expense of the R50 @18.50 per 50 rounds. On average he'll shoot 200 rounds per day 5 days a week. We travel (as much as I can afford) to local/regional/National matches. there are very few in our area so we travel at least once a month. Some times to Morgantown WV. and some times to Anniston Alabama to name a few. Nationals were held at Fort Benning GA. He did well for an ametuer level athelete. I bought a Sius Electronic Target for him to practice on. It is set up for 10m Air rifle, 50 meter smallbore 3 position and 50 foot NCAA 3p smallbore. Below you'll see the target (Green box) attatched to the home built 3 position carrier and bullet trap. The white plated I had made at a local machine shop to protect the actual target electronics and target face.
  2. Anybody have the lot numbers handy? I have 3000 WLR primers on the shelf. I hope I have no problem lots. I may not shoot some of these for years.
  3. More fun than talking dirty to the cutie telemarketer!!!
  4. My Century AKMcame with the Tapco mags. the never fed well. I found some romanian surplus mags at AIM Surplus a while back and these work flawlessly. JMO
  5. If you shoot AR's keep a spare bolt/firing pin in your kit. These extractors will break on occasion. I have a spare bolt/pin inside the Magpul grip on every rifle I have. Just in case this stuff fouls up a good range day or if I'm defending my life in a fire fight and it breaks.
  6. Well, This rifle is an Olympic Small Bore Competition Rifle. Made in Obendorf Germany by Feinwerkbau GMBh. Single Shot bolt action. The course of fire depends on the competition sanctioning body. The 3 position Olympics, for Men, is Prone, Kneeling, Standing 20 shots each @ 50 meters within a set time limit. The Olympic Prone is 60 shots only Prone @ 50 Meters The ISSF International is 60 shots standing unsupported. We tested 20 different brands/lot #'s of ammo for this rifle so far. 2 brands stand out for practice ammo. Wolf Match/Extra Match and ELEY Match. All of these are 40g sub sonic Match Grade ammo. For Matches we use RWS Special Match and ELEY Tenex Here's the Kicker: This rifle was bought for my son (15 at the time) for competition. He Shoots on his high school rifle team (air rifle) and will be competing as an individual in Jr Olympic competitions until he goes to college in a few years. We have a match coming up in February at Fort Benning Ga at the Army Marksmanship Unit Pool Range Sponsored by the USAMU. He will also be shooting Air Rifle in the Winter Air Gun Championship Match at Colorado Springs In December.
  7. Done and Done. But.......Georgia's senators have both voiced concideration for review of this despicable bill. Both should be replaced 2018.
  8. Ive got a few "cheap" squirrell rifles to trade for the right stuff!!
  9. Anti panic prices!! I have spare bolts from the begining of the Panic 2013. All it will take is one wrong election to take us back>
  10. Need more details of failure. Does the rifle not pick up the next round ending up with an empty chamber? First cycle check the rifle. load one round in the magazine, seat magazine, pull CH and release to load the round. fire the rifle. does the bolt engage the bolt stop? this checks for short stoke conditions. I suspect the magazine. most feed issues are magrelated IMOE
  11. Used/functional Ar's of mixed pedigree (frankenguns) bring $300 in my area without any add ons or accessories to bump values. Keep the rifle and learn to shoot. you'll be hooked soon enough.
  12. Savage Axis (with a 10 min trigger job will produce a 3lb clean break) or Axis II for the acutrigger. NOTE: all the Axis actions are the same reciever. I have an .06 and a .22-250 Axis in Boyds laminated stocks (add $150.00) with the .22-250 in the thumb hole version. Both these rifles shoot 3/4 moa at 100 with factory ammo and 1/2 moa with handloads.
  13. We spent about 70 hrs without power. Got it back late Tues. Glad I had a small generator for tv and fridge/freezer. My next upgrade will be one to run the house. Jacksoville got hit pretty hard, hang in there for those in recovery.
  14. It is possible to add shims as needed. if 4 are too much to aling gas tube, try 2 etc.........
  15. Have Neil send one to me and i'd put it on there!
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