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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y92PvMFL0Eg
  2. The witness was in the same truck as Mr. Finicum.
  3. Eyewitness Says Feds Ambushed Bundys, 100 Shots Fired at Passengers, Lavoy Finicum Killed With ‘Hands Up
  4. I have been thinking about a heavy cast lead bullet like 112-115 grains of pure lead at 700 fps might work.
  5. liberalism is a mind altering mental illness
  6. No you dont have to show id to prove your age
  7. "shall not be infringed" any law besides this one is an illegal law
  8. The imr book shows 8.4 grns 800x at 1190 fps and 33900 psi, I read somewhere that 10.0 grns was at 40000 psi.
  9. Glock 29 lone wolf barrel std length, 200 xtp, 9.0 grns 800x 1170 fps, 9.4 grns 800x 1207 fps, 9.7 grns 800x 1246 fps, 10.0 grns 800x 1268 fps (1.26 aol), I did shoot one of the 9.0 grn bullets from the stock glock barrel the case had a slight bulge but no smile, 1.25 oal. 200 xtp 10.0 grns blue dot 1138 fps, 10.6 grns blue dot 1200 fps, 11.2 grns blue dot 1250 fps, 1.25 aol. 3000' elevation 90 degrees. Winchester brass cci 300 primer.
  10. no, I was using stock springs. I just bought the pierce finger extension and it feels better and is less visable thru my shirt.
  11. My vote goes to 454 casull in the puma, heavy 405gn loads or light 45lc loads for the fun in the same rifle.
  12. I bought 2 pearce +2 extensions and in both of my g29 10 round mags the followers jammed at the bottom of the mag with 12 rounds inside. I am now using them with 11 rounds to see if that works.
  13. does anyone make a 220-230 grain mold in 10 mm?
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