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  1. Now I'm certain it's the gas system. This morining I removed the gas block, cleaned it, replaced it, and checked allignment. I switched out to a lighter load and used a pmag, got 10 rounds off rapid, then the BGC stopped cycling. I cleared the chamber, checked the magazine, checked my gas rings, chambered a new round, fired and nothing. Repeated this about 5 times. The BCG isn't moving. So I'm tear everything down later and see what's going on in there. It's curious though, I've never had an issue like this with this rifle before.
  2. This. We have to accept at some point that one of the biggest reasons this has gotten so out of hand, is because we not only allowed it, but financed it, and trained them.
  3. Not seating on the bolt. It's like round isn't coming all the way out of the magazine. Could it be a bad magazine?
  4. Not fully chambering. The BCG is catching right in the middle of the round, putting dents in the brass. I'm going to try to run some lighter loads later this morning. I have some Hornady 40gr, and I'm going to use my pmags. See if that makes any difference at all.
  5. No, I wont. I got out when we were still using A2s!
  6. usmc.smith


    Wow. If I wasn't already married.....
  7. A friend of mine is a volunteer fireman. He said new years and the 4th are the worste. Coming in strong third is whenever Knob Creek has their midnight machinegun shoots. Still, sucks to have the 4th with no fireworks.
  8. I was thinking maybe I was getting some bolt bounce? I was using a newer Brownells' magazine. I was using the same surplus 5.56 that used before I changed the gas block.
  9. You forgot about the bayonet. The media has to throw out phrases like "assualt rifle" so they can keep up with their agenda. I wouldn't matter what kind of weapon was used here, the media will make it sensational. I remember a couple years ago they arrested some kid for planning a school shooting and CNN kept going on and on about how the kid's parents had bought him assualt weapons. They showed a table full guns, but when I looked closer, only two or three were real, the rest were orange tipped AIRSOFT guns. CNN never made any clearification on that. But this case is sad, and I think whether they were paying members, or snuck in, where are the fuzzing RSOs???
  10. usmc.smith


    Earlier I went to shoot the DS15 and it jammed 3 rounds on me. Once, and it was fine for about 10 more rounds, then twice in a row, then fine for the last 6 rounds of the mag. I'm using a different gas block than the last time I fired it. Ejected fine, but didn't feed the round properly and caught the BCG. I'm guessing this is from over gassing? She seemed like she slamming pretty hard, and I was getting more gas in my eye than usual. I'm going to try adding a heavier buffer (prbably H2) and spring. What else can I do?
  11. I'm suprised Don hasn't chimed in on this one yet.
  12. I've heard its a decent RDS for the money. I have 2 of the PAM4s and like them. They're no Aimpoint, but for a cheapy chinese optic, they're OK.
  13. $8.95 and the shipping usps priority is $7.95, $16.90 total. And they're in stock.
  14. If they rely on the laser, without learning basic marksmanship, then they're missing out. If they are focusing on anything other than their front sight, they're screwing up. Let them have the laser, but everytime you go shooting with them, show them how shoot without it. It's not going to take much to get them to understand what to, and what not to do. There's no reason a first time shooter can't have one, they just need to be trained with it. It's like saying a first time driver shouldn't have cruise control because then they will never learn what the gas pedal is for. That's way of thinking is stupid. Educate them, and they'll be fine.
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