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  1. I used to go all out in my younger days (haunted houses, alien spacecraft, haunted woods), but now I'm older, not so much, when my granddaughter gets a little older I plan on getting back in the decorating mood
  2. My ex-wife’s uncle is one of the biggest wastes of human flesh I’ve ever met, in the past five years he’s financially raped his ailing mother for everything but her health benefits, which are now being used for her hospice care, since he had her sign over her house to him and is now using it as a rental property, her pension payments go directly into his bank account With his new found income and a questionable settlement from the US military he has purchased one of the most expensive Harleys on the market and has 3 or 4 brand new vehicles He tried hanging out with a motorcycle club but that didn’t pan out, so he soon turned his sights on an American Legion to be his new hangout with motorcycle buddies, but of course, not the Legion were some of his family and acquaintances frequent, he couldn't get away with all his lies there Getting to the point, this guy is so full of himself he’s now telling the members he’s a Vietnam veteran, but in reality he never made it through basic training before he was crying to mommy to rescue him from the mean drill instructors and using a childhood hip injury as an excuse This is why he sued the Army for drafting him with a bad hip… I know he didn’t get the whole amount (I heard it was a million) but he got a substantial chunk of change with disability pay and all military medical benefits I hear these stories through the family grapevine and I really want to call him out in front of his new friends at the Legion, most of the time I treat him like a pile of dog crap, if I see him, I avoid contact, but this Vietnam veteran lie really chaps my a$$… so I ask you, what would you do? Call him out or leave him to his fantasy and let the truth manifest in it's own time?
  3. tattoos used to be a life long commitment... I've often wondered what some people were thinking when I see their ink, like the gut that sold skin space for advertising, he now has porno web sites tattooed all over his face and no one will hire him
  4. this is my weapon, this is my gun, my weapon's for killing , my gun is for fun
  5. kind of depends on who you are too... some one post a gif pic of a girl firing a 50BMG, short shorts all up in her crack and her butt cheeks jiggling when she fires, that's acceptable... I post a pic in a "what's your poison tonight" of a girl in a bikini from a liquor ad and that's deemed inappropriate... no more butt cheek exposed in one pic than the other... IDK maybe the admins wife was over his shoulder when he was looking at my post... but I'm still going on the theory of "you get more breaks if your in the click" double standards for members and really don't care
  6. well it was fun while it lasted... the first few days were fun but then I noticed the gun getting weaker and weaker... I preformed the maintenance described in the instructions but this had no effect on bringing back the power bottom line... I got about 8-9 days of casual use out of it the power seemed to drop dramatically around day 9, by day 10 some flies were still kicking after an almost point blank blast (within an inch)... back to the tried and true fly swatter I'm working on my own version of a salt gun but instead of a strong spring ejection it will be air powered... we'll see how that goes
  7. there are good and bad people in all ethnic groups... I have friends of a lot of different races, my best friend as a youth is black, I still have friends Asian, Latino, native American, African American it doesn't matter... and they respect me enough to know not to come into my home and beotch about how their ancestors were treated, they tried it once and I sent them all stepping, I had nothing to do with the treatment of their ancestors, most have returned and are still my friends, one Indian guy has never came back but he hasn't spoken to his best friend in almost 10 years over an argument about a piece of plywood... so in my opinion, judge by character not color
  8. I think I read somewhere a few months back that Boston Dynamics bought out the RoboSapien line from WowWee toys but don't quote me on this WowWee was advancing by leaps and bounds in the robotics field from the original RS to the RSV2 then the RS Media... I was really looking forward to the anticipated 4th generation version with a standing height of 3 feet I bought the first 3 versions for a dissection and rebuild project, just to satisfy my curiosity in the industrial electronics and robotics field, I must say I was pretty impressed with the complexity of these toys
  9. I have no opinion on the verdict, I figure the jury did the best they could... but the kid was proven to be a wannabe gangbanger... you want to live like a thug then you die like a thug... parents should teach their children to show a little respect and stop letting rapper role models raise their kids... I believe if Zimmerman is guilty he'll do something stupid in the next few months and end up paying for his crime... besides he'll never be free, the media had him convicted long before the trial ended... this only proves one thing, wide spread media has no business interfering in legal cases, they covered it so deep, the court could only get 6 acceptable jurors, WTF, the media has turned our justice system into an expensive waste of time... if it happened in Fla. it should have stayed in Fla.... that's my 2 pennies
  10. the judge said to release the evidence just minutes after the verdict
  11. I used a coupon code for 20% off, a few dollars credit I had with amazon and the free shipping option from amazon, just with the coupon and free shipping brings the price down to $28... here's a link to the coupon site http://couponfollow.com/site/bugasalt.com
  12. maybe you could try a moisture control silicone packet or one from a pill bottle in the salt hopper
  13. it uses ordinary table salt and it will definitely mess up an eye... took a shot about 8-10" from the forearm nice sting but no broken skin sounds like a plan... I bought my lady the S&W 15-22 one year... boy did I have fun with that... I meant boy did she have fun with that I live in Indy and have had no problems with clogging but I'm still on the first fill (holds about 50 shots worth) it does recommend occasional cleaning and lube I'll try to get some up in a few days picked mine up on amazon
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