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  1. wirogue


    Anybody tried the EMG enhanced grip panels for the older model PMAG's from Rainier Arms? http://www.rainierarms.com/?page=shop/deta...;product_id=792
  2. If this is a repeat topic, I apologize, not enough posts to search yet. Thoughts on the LaRue tactical freefloat handguard? Liked what I saw on Shooting USA some time back, but curious if there is better for same $250 price point. Looking at 7" quad rail freefloat for RRA carbine.
  3. wirogue

    How many Mags is enough?

    I try to keep groups for each weapon. One group for the range, one group for carry, one group for bug out, and one group for spares. How many is that? Less than I have! I agree with the spare parts on hand also. My goal is is to be able to rebuild every mag I own with parts on hand if needed.