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  1. was he wearing cammies? The only place Marines can go in cammies is to the gas station, and only to get gas.
  2. I got out in june of the same year. Im sometimes suspicious of people telling military stories when their lingo dosent sound right. Ive never called anyone out on it, but if Im sure their a poser I know to avoid them like the plaque.
  3. I disagree, he paid for a service which included having properly tightened lug nuts. So in fact he is the victim of crappy service.
  4. we got a 4, and that may soon drop 2 points.
  5. link new york is last, big surprise.
  6. looks great, didnt know spikes made machined trigger guards.
  7. hell yea, im gonna go get one right now!
  8. I wonder if it worked. funny as hell.
  9. OK, makes sense. Is the pinned longer flash hider still standard A2? I ask because Im leaning toward a Gemtech Halo, which needs to mount to an A2.
  10. Nice setup Red. Ive been looking at a BCM 14.5 upper on their website, and it shows it with an A2 flashider and says NFA rules apply. Am I missing something or is it considered an sbr?
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