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  1. Years back when they announced SR4756 was ending production I stocked up on it. I use it for 9mm, 38sp, 357M, 40S&W, 10mm, 44M. For light target loads I use SR7625 in 38sp and 44sp. But back to SR4756, burns clean, consistent FPSs', excellent for max and near max loads. My MAXIMUM for with Remington 155gr JHP is 10.0 grs in a S&W 1006 for 1300fps. I typically back down to 9.0 grs. for normal use.
  2. I haven't shot the BT stuff,don't intend to. I fired the Normas' in 3 guns for chronographing purposes and reload to their potentcy.
  3. sorry for bringing an old thread back,but, My stash of collectable 10mm ammo. Bought while still being produced before they became obsolete/high priced.
  4. how's this one,anyone else start making paracord slings ?
  5. my wide rifle slings are 'based' on a wide 'solomon'. youtube is FULL of braiding instructional videos. I've only been doing this for about a month now,it's taking too much time away from my winter reloading. I started a thread about my attempts at this on this gun site. http://www.ohgunowners.net/accessories-gear/761-paracord-rifle-slings.html
  6. No,don't make the knots looser,that'll just make for a sloppy looking sling. As you're braiding,after every 'set' of braid,flex up/down left/right twist both directions,that will un-stiffen by pulling the hanging strands yet to braided back into the 'set' of braid you just made/completed. You'll get the 'feel' for it.
  7. -the first one was shown as the last one in post #1,I like the color but too much of it. -the second one,a test,is a 4 strand black with 2 yellow strands interlaced to reduce the percentage of yellow. -the third,a test,is a 6 strand with 2 yellow strands interlaced but I don't like the way the yellow bunches up. -the fourth,a test,is a 6 strand with 2 yellow strands interlaced differently than the third to maintain a good look of the yellow. -the fifth,a finished sling,based upon the fourth. A typical 6 strand wide sling takes 4-5 hours(for me) and the extra 2 strands of yellow interlacing easily doubles that time.
  8. adjustable,I don't see how as each end is permanent,but that's something to ponder for the future. after seeing how the black/yellow turned out in appearance, my next one's gonna be a wide black with bright neon green for a Zombie AR sling.
  9. the wide ones are on 1" sling swivels,could go even wider yet with 1 1/4" sling swivels.
  10. I saw a 'braider' at a gunshow in Ohio,one of the items he was making was rifle slings,but his slings were very stiff and not soft and flexible as a sling should be. He sells his slings for $50. I figured I could do better in the flexibilty area. It was all in the tightness,or lack of it,in the braiding process. No,not sellig as a 36" 6 cord sling uses 90' of cord and takes 4-5 hours to braid. Just wanted to make some for myself.
  11. the first(my first) was 'sloppy',was still learning about tightness/looseness and consistency. After that one,they came out better. The 5th one is a 4 strand with a 'hidden' 5th strand(the gray/silver),6th added some color.
  12. Pressure was not a concern for starting this thread,'slam-fires' was. In the case of the 308/7.62x51,pressures are just the opposite of the 223/5.56x45. The 7.62x51 operates at a designed lower pressure than the 308 Win does,but AR design for the 7.62 is similar/identical to the 5.56. It takes one 'hell of a' pressure to pressure puncture a primer,unless you've got a 'deformed' firing pin 'point' that unusually stresses the primer.
  13. a follow-up to my original post/question. I've seen on the Federal site for Federal GM205MAR for use in 5.56 small rifle AR Match. I've got a box of Federal XM80C 7.62x51,but don't know if they use their own primer(large rifle primer for NATO AR not shown on Federal site) or use a different manufacturers' primer. On the Hornady site under ammunition,they list match ammo for 223,5.56x45,& 308 with an accompanying video showing ARs',so evidently Hornady is using NATO compliant primers.
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