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  1. Me and Buckshot_Jim need one of these. I can't find em on your site. Can you get us one? Thanks, Buford
  2. JIM, put down the VODKA....... Which A.R.M.S. flip up sight?????? #40L or #40 It is going on a Colt AR-15 A3 Tactical Mod 6721. Will this line up with the factory front fixed sights. The Department is going to get the EOTech 553a65, So I need to find a sight that will Co-Witness/absolute Co Witness. Any Ideas
  3. ok, Jim when you get back we need to talk! :beer2: lol
  4. , ok, I know I should know this, but I have a Colt Mod 6721 A3 Tactical. What part, or push pen replaces the front double srew. Any info would be nice See Jim, I do post :nana:
  5. Thanks alot, nice to be here. Buckshot jim talks alot about you all.
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