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  1. georgiacatweazle

    M16/M4 markings

    As in fabrique Nationale ?
  2. georgiacatweazle

    M16/M4 markings

    I'm just wondering what manufacturer markings are on deployed weapons such as M4's and M16's. The civilian offerings such as BCM, LMT, CMG etc usually are stamped with their logo's, are the military rifles stamped such or are they just serial numbered?
  3. georgiacatweazle

    How do you use your boresnake?

    I have one of those too. I've only fired maybe 80 rounds through my chrome-lined, waiting till around 300 before I use it. I think the more important thing is to keep the bolt-carrier wet.
  4. georgiacatweazle

    best home defense 223/556

    Thanks, i'll check the link, it's quite hard finding the stuff online.
  5. georgiacatweazle

    best home defense 223/556

    I'll have a look around. the 'background' that would take fire should I miss the intruder would be at a downward angle from my firing position and more than likely would impact the ground outside.
  6. georgiacatweazle

    best home defense 223/556

    what about varmint rounds ? those would obviously be good for medium sided dogs, human size may take two rounds ?
  7. georgiacatweazle

    best home defense 223/556

    I'm trying to figure out what JHP ammo to feed my AR for home defense use. Federal 55gr hydra shock is an option for $13 a box or Hornady Tap 75gr for $18 I have a LMT 1:7 chrome lined so it'll stabilze the heavy stuff. Objective is to not be blasting holes through the house three blocks away. Thus, need one hit stopping without over penetration. house is regular dry wall, next house is maybe 100 ft and should I be shooting an intruder, I'd be firing down into the living room and the house is down a slope, thus mostly an over penetrate would hit dirt. I also have remington 50gr JHP. would varmint 40gr JHP also work ? that wouldn't over penetrate either ? I'm new to the AR world and not sure how the heavier weight translates to stopping power, i'm assuming the heavier rounds are better, lighter rounds may zip through and continue one in to the distance ? thanks
  8. georgiacatweazle

    NcStar D4B battery installation, how ?

    well, i found the right thing to undo, doh
  9. Ok, so my NcStar red dot came today and the instructions say "to install battery, unscrew battery cover and insert new battery". so there is a tiny screw on the side of the knob which i took off, but can't fathom what to do next without breaking it. any one have any experience to share, thanks. assembling a new computer, installing linux and building an AR appears easier.
  10. georgiacatweazle

    Rating Manufacturers

    I agree, BCM is for sure up there with LMT. del-ton is better than DPMS.
  11. georgiacatweazle


    I'd go with LMT or BCM. The BCM in the closeups really shows the machining quality. LMT is up there at the top of the food chain along with BCM, given the close prices, just add $10 and buy the best.
  12. georgiacatweazle

    Who we got from GA?

    Duluth, GA via Surrey county England
  13. georgiacatweazle

    I need some advice.

    I'm thinking .223 would not be legal as it's not powerful enough to be 100% able to kill first shot. i think adding a 6.8 spc upper would be fine, you'll get two guns for the price of 1 1/2
  14. georgiacatweazle

    open plinking / running and gunning on public land

    thanks for the info.
  15. georgiacatweazle

    R and T numbers on flattops

    ah ok, that makes total sense.