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  1. sarswimmer

    Pistol grips

    I've shot guns with both grips and I like the magpul much better.
  2. sarswimmer

    Magpul sights

    The gun had a set of utg on when I got it. Just looking for something a little better as a back up.
  3. sarswimmer

    Magpul sights

    Thanks. Why not mount them on the gas block?
  4. sarswimmer

    What rifle should a newbie buy?

    Double star makes a great basic rifle. Can't beat the price for there flat top. I have one I've been working on and its a nail drive.
  5. sarswimmer

    High explosive incendiary round removed from scalp

    He's out of luck all the way a round.
  6. sarswimmer

    Old School Terrorist Treatment

    I think we need more of this. Thats a good one.
  7. sarswimmer

    You can't fix stupid

    Thats just to funny.
  8. sarswimmer

    Magpul sights

    I was thinking about changing my rear flip up to a magpul but wasn't sure about it being plastic how it would hold up. Anyone had any problems with them?
  9. sarswimmer

    Posting pictures off my Phone

    If you've got a smart chip you can save to it and just load them to you computer.
  10. sarswimmer

    Fort Hancock Tx ... Mexican threat

    I think its crazy we have to spend our tax dollars on things like this.
  11. sarswimmer

    In A Quandary

    I'd keep it its a great gun and its one you don't see much of any more.
  12. sarswimmer

    Knob Creek April 9,10,11

    Can't wait its been a couple of years since I've been.
  13. sarswimmer

    New Members Please Read!

    Hi thanks for the info.
  14. sarswimmer

    tactical vest the best and proper fit

    I've used a blackhawk vest for several years now and its held up good. I let the pistol belt ride below my trouser belt.