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  1. Congrats and very nice. I just got my HRA Service Grade today, and it looks just like yours does. My stock is nice and dark just like yours and appears to be walnut, but I don't see any CMP mark. It has SA & RA stamped into one side of the butt, and 6519 stamped into the other side and a serifed P below the trigger group. Any ideas whether it is a new CMP or an original SA? It appears new like yours so I'm guessing it isn't original but am not sure. Thanks and best regards, Les.
  2. I finally got around to ordering a rifle from the CMP. I mailed my paperwork on 9/28, they received it on 9/30, and shipped my Service Grade HRA on 10/8. It was delivered today by Fedex on 10/11. If the 8th hadn't of been a Friday, it would have been delivered on Saturday the 9th. It took a total of 14 days from the day I mailed my paperwork to the day it was delivered. Unbeleivable. I don't have any photos as yet, I will post some when I get time. But the rifle is beautiful. Nice dark Walnut furniture that all matches perfectly and with hardly a mark on it. The metal is all beautiful as well with nice dark blueing. It looks to have been hardly handled. It is my understanding the M1 Garand's they are shipping now are Greek Airforce returns. So they likely were rarely ever handled. If you are thinking about getting one. Now is definitely the time. Turn around is quick, and the service grades they are shipping should be collector grades. I haven't torn it down yet, I need to do a bit of reading first as I've never torn down a Garand. The only place on it that I've found any cosmoline so far is under the door on the butt stock. The receiver and barrel are both HRA, the bolt is marked SA, and the stock has a SA & RA stamped into one side of the butt, and 6519 stamped into the other side of the butt and has a serifed P stamped just below the trigger group. The serial number is 5631xxx which puts it in the 1955 time frame for manufacture, and the barrel appears to match with a 5-55 date so it is probably the original. I can't wait to shoot it. I'm about as stoked as I can get. Best regards, Les.
  3. Sig did p220, P226, P229 & 1911 Blackwater versions. All have been discoutinued now. Best, Les.
  4. The new ones will have a slightly larger window. You can check them out at Magpul's website. I don't know of anyone selling the new ones yet. The existing ones are top notch polymer magazines. Don't let that stop you from picking up a great deal.
  5. www.cheaperthandirt.com currently has a great deal on Magpul Windowed P-mag's in FDE. They are listed for $11.97 each. I went ahead and bought another half dozen just because. Thought someone else here would be interested in some awesome mags for not a lot of money. Best regards, Les. www.cheaperthandirt.com/MAG089-36
  6. The P228 is an awesome firearm. It is the only SIG I don't have that I really want.
  7. I had a Glock 17 for a couple of years. I ended up trading it and some cash for a Sig P229. I won't buy another one unless they change the whole design. I wouldn't turn one down for free however. While I don't quite hate them, they definitely aren't my favorite handgun.
  8. Washington State residents need to be aware of this. On March 18th of this year 65 Democrats wrote and signed a letter to the Attorney General of the United States Erik Holder opposing reinstating the failed 1994 Assault Weapons ban. (http://www.nraila.org/media/PDFs/AWBLettertoHolder309.pdf). Of these 65 Democrats, not one was from Washington State. Please join me in contacting our elected officials. They need to know that we are extremely dissapointed with them for not supporting and signing this extremely important letter to the Attorney General of the United States. Our second ammendment rights depend on this. NRAILA web page speaking about this: http://www.nraila.org/News/Read/NewsReleases.aspx?ID=12245 Thank you for taking the time to make a difference. Best regards to all, Les.
  9. Second post in this forum here guys. Thought I would make sure all of the Washington folks here knew about the www.washingtonguntrader.com site. A great place for Washington State only sales and trades. Best to all. Les.
  10. I don't see an issue with the Gibb's rifles personally, even with using reclaimed drill rifle receivers. They state they are replicas and they are marked differently than originals for the specific purpose of telling them apart from the originals. In my book, it is a smart use of a very scarce resource. After I get a CMP Garand, I may pick up a 1903A4 from them just because they are extremely hard to find for a reasonable price in nice condition.
  11. That is totally retarded. Thank GOD I don't live in Georgia.
  12. I came across this site. They list three different variations of M1903A4 replicas (M1903A4, M1903A4-82 & M1903A4-84). The -82 & -84 models say "coming soon". Prices don't look absurdly out of line considering what you're getting. It looks like the replicas are made from original actions and bolts that are renewed with new barrels and wood. They look pretty darned nice. Don't know anything about the company however. Hope this info helps. Best regards, Les.
  13. It looks awesome. I will have to consider doing it myself.
  14. Is she from one of those Southern states where dating your cousin is legal?
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