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  1. Well I was reluctant to buy a LW barrel after reading a few bad things about them but I did anyway as it was the only ~5" barrel I could find in stock, anywhere, hopefully it works out. Also got a LW 3.5# connector, LW SS guide rod and 22lb recoil spring. For a gun I don't own yet (hurry up IRS!)
  2. I'm going to be picking up a G20sf soon, I will occasionally carry it concealed and it will also be my woods carry gun (open carry). Since I load/reload my own 10mm and I load them very hot with lead bullets, an aftermarket barrel is a must. I'm thinking about going with a 5.15" Storm Lake for a little extra velocity or a standard 4.6" KKM barrel (it does not appear that KKM makes a "mid length" barrel?). My only concern is carrying with an extended barrel. Does anyone do it? Does it cause any problems for the barrel to stick out ~0.5" while inside your waistband? What about when open carried? Like this.
  3. Hahns10mm

    EAA Witness 10mm slide problems?

    Basically avoid the round slide Witnesses. I run a 22lb spring in my Elite Match as well, works for both nuclear 10mm and fairly light .40 loads.
  4. This. The old square slides and Elite slides are the only way to go. Avoid round slides like the plague. I'm unsure if you can use an Elite Match slide on a compact frame though.
  5. There is no difference except for the barrel and mags. Swap the barrel and mags and shoot away (the 10mm mags work fine with .40 too). I'd recommend a 22lb recoil spring, it even cycles fine shooting .40..
  6. Hahns10mm

    whats she worth?

    Yes, the 10mm is about as hot as it gets, I'm just starting to run my own loads through it, 180gr under 15.3gr of AA9. In the first 200 rounds (.40 and 10mm mixed) or so there were a few hiccups, and if I shoot about 300 rounds through it without cleaning it, it'll start to get a few fail to feeds here and there.
  7. Hahns10mm

    whats she worth?

    The Elite series are a pretty safe bet, anything else in the EAA line I would be leery of in 10mm (Look around, almost every bad report of EAA 10mm guns is the standard or compact Witnesses). I bought my Witness Elite Match for $540 new from my FFL, $500 is a decent price. I love mine and would buy it again. I've got probably over 500 rounds of .40s&w through it and about 350 rounds of hot 10mm.
  8. Hahns10mm

    Witness Match Polygonal rifling?

    The Witness Elite Match does not have polygonal rifling, regardless of what EAA tells you.
  9. FWIW after about 250 rounds through my Witness Elite Match it's been 100%. The mags aren't the best, could easily be a mag issue. Hope you aren't using the stock recoil spring with the swampfox Ammo. And yes they throw brass very far. You can cut the ejector down, I've cut mine down pretty far, .40 brass lands right next to me but the 10mm still goes a good 15-20 feet.
  10. Hahns10mm

    10mm 135gr loads

    Thanks. How does PP meter? I love how consistent AA7 and AA9 are. On a side note, I reached the ceiling with my 180gr load, I actually ran out of case room at 15.5gr of AA9 (2gr above "max"), that should be pushing them between 1350FPS and 1375FPS. No overpressure signs.
  11. Wish I could find the pictures but there was a member here that did comparison pics at night of muzzle flash between Blue Dot and AA9 and AA9 was just a tiny orange glow from the muzzle. If accurate metering a concern, 800x is said to meter poorly but is regarded as the best 10mm powder by a lot people. From all the evidence I've seen online, AA9 is capable of 95% of the velocity that 800x is. It seems as if you are actually limited by case capacity with AA9 rather than pressure.
  12. AA #9 is a very well metering powder that will get your 180grainers to the 1350FPS mark (Maybe not with the stock barrel?). It also has minimal muzzle flash, I can't see any flash with my 180gr load that's somewhere around your goal. It also fills the case well, making a double charge basically impossible. AA #7 is recommended more towards .40S&W and lighter loads in the 10mm like 135gr. With a stock Glock barrel, a full length resizing die is a good idea. I personally use Starline brass, I picked up 500 from Midway for like $82. I also use standard large pistol primers. From what I understand, magnums work too but don't make a difference with some powder.
  13. Hahns10mm

    10mm 135gr loads

    What powder is that? Thanks!
  14. Hahns10mm

    10mm 135gr loads

    Already have a 22lb Wolff spring in it... I've read about a number of reports of people running "nuclear loads" through these guns without issue. I wouldn't attempt this with a standard Witness with a round top slide though. If it craps out on me I'll probably go to a Glock 20sf. I already want a 29sf anyways.