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  1. floridajpr

    New 308 Build

    Sorry about not visiting for awhile, I have been traveling. Th Dead on pinless dust cover fits very well on my .308 rig and looks better than most standard AR308 dust covers.
  2. I usually build my AR's but I am seriously thinking about getting a Savage MSR in 6.5 CM when they are available. They are said to be using zero-tolerance head-spacing on the MSR's. Should be an accurate AR right out of the box as what Savage is known for if that is the case.
  3. floridajpr

    New 308 Build

  4. floridajpr

    New 308 Build

    Planning on throwing together a 6.5 CM with a Juggernaut Tactical Billet 308 upper in the near future & undecided on who I am going with for the barrel.
  5. floridajpr

    New 308 Build

    I have used Slash's heavy buffer and spring from the beginning.
  6. floridajpr

    New 308 Build

  7. floridajpr

    New 308 Build

    My 2016 New 308 build Juggernaut Tactical Gen 2 JT308-SET 1 $430.00 Select Color = Sniper Gray (+$30) Juggernaut Tactical JT-308-165 RAIL 1 $195.00 Select Color = Sniper Gray (+$20) Juggernaut Tactical 18” AR10 .308 Stainless Fluted Barrel w/ Black Cerakote $330 Toolcraft .308Win/7.62x51 Manganese Phosphate/Parkerizing Bolt Carrier $165.75 POF (1) 308 Tomahawk Charging Handle $75.99 2A Armament X4 Titanium Brake $154.00 M.A.G.S EFX A1 Buttstock $97 V7 Weapons Ultra-Light Titanium Grip screw $5 V7 Titanium Ion Black .154 Hammer Pin Set for AR10 $16.49 V7 DPMS/SR-25 Titanium Take down & Pivot Pins Black $36 V7 Hybrid 3-Gun/Sport Selector Ambi $63 V7 Ultra-Light 308 AR Port Door $38 (Did not fit!) V7 Port Door Rod 308 $8 Spring for AR10 Port Door $5.79 DPMS Bolt Catch LR-308 $8.99 Leitner-Wise eSights Low Profile Back Up Iron Sights $116 Velocity Triggers 3lb Straight Trigger $150 POF (.308/7.62) Roller Cam Pin $37.94 SLR Rifle works Sentry .750" Clamp-on Version - Titanium Gen 4 23 Grams $179 Spikes Tactical Mil-Spec 304 SS Melonite Mid-Length Gas Tube $16 Aero Extended Mag Catch Button $12.85 Magpul MIAD (Mission Adaptable) GEN 1.1 Grip Sniper Grey $35.95 Strike Industries LPK minus grip & trigger $34.95 Slash’s Heavy Buffers AR10R-XH Buffer + Spring $125 Strike Industries Ultimate Port Door 308 (Did not work!) Dead on Arms Pin less Dust Cover 308 OPTICS Refurbished Nikon M-308 Riflescope 4-16x42mm SF BDC 800 Matte $329.99 WARNE LRSKEL1TG 20MOA Extended Skeletonized 1 inch MSR Mount Tactical Grey $111.99 RIFLE CASE Seahorse SE-1530 Case $150 (Excellent alternative to the Pelican Cases) MAGAZINES (2) Lancer L7 AWM 10 Round $42.50 each (2) Magpul GEN 3 PMAG 20 $19.99 (1) Magpul GEN 3 PMAG 10 $19.99 (3) IMI Defense .308/7.62x51 20rd Magazine $16.95 each
  8. floridajpr

    I'll just leave this right here....

    Who was gonna be Hillary's First Lady?
  9. floridajpr

    My favorite new stock

    I'm glad to hear this about the BCM Gunfighter stock because the one that I purchased as a kit was very loose and I ended up buying a MFT Minimalist to replace it. I think I received a faulty stock and BCM sent me an email to send it back for replacement but I accidentally deleted the email so my loss. Daw'gone'it! Don't get me wrong , I am not putting BCM down in any way! I think BCM makes excellent products and I hope everyone that gets a BCM Gunfighter stock receives a great product! I gave the BCM Gunfighter stock to my neighbor that just purchased his first M&P Sport and it fit his buffer tube very well with just a very slight bit of play. Well, I can't figure the BCM butt stock out but my neighbor also purchased a low profile gas block because I gave him a Matrix LAVI 15" Hand-guard and I helped him re-configure his rifle within an hour after he brought it home. Gave him some FDE Keymod rail covers too. He is hooked now! He has the Black Rifle Disease BAD! As for the fitment of this BCM Gunfighter stock, it's up there on my weird sh*t-o-meter now!
  10. If the gas block adjustment screw is on the side, hope that an opening on your rail lines up with the adjustment screw on the rail or modify your rail so you can adjust from the side. If the gas block adjustment is on the front of the gas block, most companies selling these type of adj gas blocks have an adjustment tool that comes with the gas block or they sell something like SLR does, 5", 8" & 13" 2mm ball drivers. Or you can buy your own at a hardware store. Just find the right size before you mount your handguard/rail over the adj gas block. This info does not include some of the fancier adj gas blocks like the Govnah, for instance.
  11. floridajpr

    Ares SCR - an overview of my new non-AR

    There is a guy on 68forums that built his SCR with a side charge upper and Centurion rail. Looks AWESOM! Link:http://68forums.com/forums/showthread.php?57122-How-bout-something-abit-different I hope it's alright to post links to other forum sights within the same thread topic?
  12. floridajpr

    Pellet smokers. Anyone??

    Funny! I've had my Green Mountain for about two years and I have not had any problems with it yet.
  13. floridajpr

    play between upper and lower

    The slop between uppers and lowers do not effect accuracy but if you must, go here http://www.demontactical.com/demon-tactical-m-828.html
  14. Bought the MFT Minimalist stock for the light weight build I am doing right now and I like it very much. It feels really solid, slides through the all 6 positions easily and has no play. The hook on it kinda reminds me of a Magpul M93/93A & Ergo F93 stock without all the weight! I have cobra weaved some 550 Para-cord on the MFT stock.
  15. floridajpr

    Maybe this belongs in the funnies...

    Your from "Commiefornia" and you are insinuating that someone from the south is dumber than "Commiefornians"?????