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  1. LeadSpitter

    3 wheel gun cart

    If this item is still available and if you're willing to ship it, I just might be interested in buying it. I mean, it doesn't look like it would be or is that hard to take it apart and/or put it back together? To me anyhow. Nor does it look to be all that heavy? But then looks can be deceiving. lol So if you're willing to take it apart and ship it, and you're willing to either give me a good guesstimate of it's weight, or, better yet somehow maybe even weigh it, and give me your zip code, I could get a pretty close estimate on how much it'd cost to ship it to me via UPS. I'd add shipping it UPS and with the odds being extremely high the total cost will be well under $100 bucks, it will be, r should be covered under the up to $100 insurance coverage. Unless of course they've done away with or changed that policy? If this is something you're willing to do, and, if it's not too expensive, or as you put it, not cost effective to ship, I just might be willing to take this off your hands. Please let me know.
  2. LeadSpitter

    finally my ar posted. i hope

    Thanks for the reply. And I should have asked this at the same time but I didn't think of it at the time (I call those brain farts, lol). But I'm asking because I'm either going to send my SW1911PD off and have it done or try and do it myself. And I'm pretty sure I know the answer but I wanted to ask and confirm rather then assume. But, I take it you used the oven cure CeraKote rather then the air dry? FWIW, I think everyone does? But if you'd confirm it I'd appreciate it. And hey, maybe rate n a 1-10 scale how difficult it was with 10 being super difficult, I'd really appreciate it. Also, did you put or use an undercoat or something under the CeraKote? If so, might I ask what you used? Links to what ALL you used and where you got it, if online, would be great and very helpful. Thanks much in advance...
  3. LeadSpitter


    There you go kevzskim4. Now I can see it. lol And I gotta be honest. I did not think the stocks on service grades would be in such great shape. I thought they'd be all or at least be more battered and bruised up then yours appears to be? Other then some character marks, it looks like you got a most excellent service grade M1 Garand. Congrats man. I'm hoping to down the road pick up a bayo. Just to say I have one and for display purposes for when I'm not shootin' it. Do or are you planning on getting/picking one up also or no? Then suckers can get and be pricey as well. And I guess you gotta watch out for the ones that were broken or cut down and a new edge/point put on them also? Again, congrats...
  4. LeadSpitter

    Muzzle & bore pictures

    Goes to show you I'm also camera illiterate. lol I didn't know they even made a "macro" lens. And it was you saying you didn't use "Macro Mode" and that you used a lens in this reply, and you saying you saying here's some or more "Macro" photography in your 1st post is why I'm assuming there's a "Macro" lens. I just thought it was a function or mode in the camera. I mean I know they have specific film speeds and all that as well as specific lenses for taking specific pictures, I just didn't know that was one of them. lol Might I ask what kind of camera you have? I'm just a novice when it comes to photography. I just bought a digital camera that I thought would work for me and that I could learn to use and become a bit more then a novice. FWIW, it's a Canon S2IS. Nothing spectacular. but it takes great pictures and works good enough for me. And yep, it has a "Macro mode". lol Thanks for the reply.
  5. LeadSpitter

    Muzzle & bore pictures

    So is that what you do to get a good pic of the bore and the best way to get a pic of the bore, by using Macro mode?
  6. LeadSpitter


    Maybe I'll send you a message if I decide to sell it? You're far enough away to where the odds of me ever seeing it again or nil to none. lol And trust me, if I sell it, I never want to see it again. It would kill me to sell it and see the person I sold it to cruisin' it through town or whatever. lol The bike has been one of the best running most reliable motorcycles I've ever owned. And it only leaks a little rice here and there. lmao If I do decide tosell it maybe I'll send you a PM and see if you're still interested. But to tell you upfront, to me it's worth more then what the friggin' blue books say it is. Last I looked, it was worth $2495 but I couldn't enter in the mileage so that value is for a 1987 bike with like 90,000 miles on it and it doesn't even have 12,000. I know, that's sad isn't it. So if I were to sell it I'd have to get like $3,000 for it.
  7. LeadSpitter


    WOW, thanks for all the welcomes to the site. Again, I really like what I've seen thus far and there's some real cool features. As for the show Married With Children, I loved tho watch it as well. Can totally relate lol. I watch it anytime it's on and I have the time... I wondered if anyone would make the connection and how long before they did and posted it? lol
  8. LeadSpitter

    finally my ar posted. i hope

    Fine looking AR you have there Full Range. What finish is on it; DuraCoat or CeraKote?
  9. LeadSpitter


    Looks good. How about retaking them pictures and using the flash? A tad dark and I'd like to see just what kind of wood you get with a service grade. Is this your first and only M1 Garand?
  10. LeadSpitter

    How would you deal with this?

    I'm no lawyer so, take it for what it's worth. But it might be worth looking into. What state you're in or the work would have been in could and might help and or make a difference. It sounds like you guys indeed made a verbal agreement. And you did say you cleared your calendar to do the work which has come and gone? If that is correct, you need to find out if your state honors verbal contract the same a signed contracts? And if so, you might collect for the time you cleared to do the work? The reason I say this is, and again, I'm not a lawyer and based on why I suggest this and where I got the information, take this for what it's worth and where you found it Anyhow, I was watching Court TV some time ago and one of the shows was on construction/contracting work. Very similar to your situation. Anyhow, the guy, similar to what you're talking about, was awarded money because he did juggle his schedule around and in the end didn't get the money he could have because of the guy he took to court who, similar to you agreed to have him do the work. In some states a verbal agreement is a contract. And it sounds like you have emails so that could and might probably help. You would have to take him to small claims court though. And it also depends on how long ago this work was to be done. Maybe talk to a lawyer as many offer a free consultation. Unfortunately they tend to tell you very little as it is so don't say you're thinking of taking the person to small claims court. Say you're thinking of suing some one and want to know if you have a case or not. Anyhow, as I said, I'm not a lawyer but depending on where you live and how long ago this is and if your state honors verbal agreements the same as a signed contract, who knows? I hate to say or tell you to do this, but take comfort in knowing you're not alone in little to no work to be had. Many are in this same boat. Good luck.
  11. LeadSpitter

    Tell us a little about yourself

    My names is Ron, as you can see my user name is LeadSpitter. In taking the world's smallest political quiz I discovered I'm a libertarian. And I'm proud to be one. I love guns and shooting and if I could afford it and had the space, I'd probably have one of every kind I could get my hands on. I can't stand the Hollywood elites nor can I stand the Hollywood hypocrites who make millions making movies or on TV shows using firearms and yet are anti-gun. I'm finding some tend to be the same people who are in the elites column. <<< One of those calls 'em as I sees 'em things. lol
  12. LeadSpitter


    Thanks for the welcome. As for pictures, well, to be honest, I'm not one for advertising, but on occasion I have been know to share. lol But yea, I like gun porn also.
  13. jchtrh, I spotted the pictures of your 870 and 1911 while doing a search on Cerakote coatings and colors because I'm looking to have my S&W SW1911PD refinished. The factory finish is pathetic. But, I digress. Anyhow, I just wanted to chime in and let you know they really look great. But you already know that. lol I also appreciate the feedback regarding Amelon, the company that did the work. I'll have to keep them in mind for when I get the cash together to get my 1911 refinished. The turn around time is quite impressive as is their work. And forgive me if you did mention this, but I take it that is the oven-cure Cerakote finish? And with the Micro-slick, and I admit I'm totally unfamiliar with it, but I do know it makes for a slick lubrcative coating on moving parts, and I suppose this is a question I could ask Amelon or Dan, but I figure and thought I'd see if you can answer it just as easily, but is the Micro-slick sprayed on?
  14. LeadSpitter


    Hi, I wanted to make my first post an introduction so those who were to take the time could get to know me a little bit. I'm 46, married with children, and love to shoot, collect and talk firearms. Actually, when it comes to firearms I pretty much like all things that go bang. But that doesn't mean I'll own anything though. Besides shooting and collecting firearms I also love to ride my motorcycle; although having neck and back problems I don't always get to do so or enjoy it as much as I use to. I've owned the same motorcycle for 23yrs. this Aug., a 1987 Honda CBR1000F Hurricane..Sadly I may have to sell it due to the reason/s I just noted. Anyhow, besides shooting and collecting firearms I enjoy driving and flying R/C cars and planes, fishing, camping, well, pretty much anything and all the outdoors manly man stuff. lol I just discovered the website/forum and liked what I saw and decided to join. I'm a member of a few other forums and I enjoy talking to others with the same interests. I try to help other members when and where I can as well as learn from them as well. Anyhow, thanks for having me and I hope to meet and talk with you guys in the near future. I'd also like to say I really like some of the features that have been incorporated into and are part of the website/forum.