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  1. FryGuy14


    You can build your own M4 for personal use, but you can only use what the government issues you when in the performance of your duties. I know the Black Ops guys can customize a little bit (spray paint, bells & whistles) but that is within the parameters of what the government will allow.
  2. So I decided to order a Crossbreed supertuck and so far I am very impressed with the way it feels. I have carried concealed everyday since I have gotten in and to be honest I felt a little nervous at first, like i am breaking the law, but am very comfortable with the way the weapon conceals using this holster. My biggest concern at first was printing, but with some adjustments I found it best to carry it on the top set of holes so it sits lower in my waist band. With the adjustments printing is no longer an issue, and most of my friends cannot tell as well. The only knock I have is the fact I am carrying a full frame pistol and will definitely be looking into a compact or sub-compact in the near future to carry concealed a little easier. Other than that, it is a great product with a lifetime warranty! Highly recommended product!
  3. I was at a gun show in San Antonio over the weekend and held a Sig556. They look great, but are really heavy compared to an AR. For a cheaper price you can pick up an AR and trick it out with all the same equipment for almost the cost of a Sig. I am a firm believer in Sig handguns and love how they shoot and feel, but I couldn't get over the fact of how heavy the Sig556 was. I tried to get a buddy into a Sig556, but he ended up getting an awesome deal on a Rock River AR lightweight cromline...sweet rifle! Biggest advice is do your research (which it seems you are already doing)....Good luck with your purchase!
  4. FryGuy14

    Bagram Air Base Attack

    WOW. Never intended my post to cause such "conflict." All I wanted to do was point out something that was done well by my fellow defenders, which I am proud of. You may not call us infantry, or high speed, or whatever else you call us, but our mission over there is just as important as everyone elses. We as Security Forces have been tasked with a lot of different things that are considered outside of our mission. For example, as we all know in a deployed location we mostly do air-base defense, but since 2004 we have been tasked with various missions that are outside of the defensive role. For instance, we did the detainee ops mission....mostly done by the ARMY. We are now outside the wire at JB Balad kicking in doors and conducting sweeps.....mostly done by the ARMY. We are also a part of the PTT mission, which is the Police Transition Team, teaching Iraqi Police their job (yes, I know the IPs are a joke most of the time).....done along side the ARMY. If it wasn't for us the ARMY would be too stressed to do what they are capable of now. You can put down what we do all you want, but I think you are missing the point that our mission, while maybe not as illustrious as yours, is just as important to the fight as your mission kicking ass in the Helmud Province. But for you as a young MARINE to sit there and denigrate the work that we do is ridiculous and unnecessary. Whatever action we may get, or how we get it doesn't matter, because we are there doing what we do to the best of our ability and with the equipment we are given. While we may not walk around with the latest and greatest of equipment, we still perform our duties and are a part of the TEAM! A little branch rivalry is fine, but what you are saying is we are worthless and don't belong out there. We all work hard, some harder than others, but we should be able to work together. Good luck to you MARINE, as you progress in your career. I hope for all the best, and maybe one day you will realize that your point of view might be a little naive and you will learn to RESPECT your fellow services and how we all fit into the bigger picture and how it is a TEAM effort. By the way, the war will not be won by an INDIVIDUAL branch, it will be won by a JOINT effort of all the branches working together to accomplish victory.
  5. FryGuy14

    Bagram Air Base Attack

    Here is a link to an article about some of my fellow Security Forces members kicking ass against a well planned attack by terrorists a couple weeks back! Go get 'em boys!! http://www.bagram.afcent.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123205914
  6. FryGuy14


    They also make booties for their feet when on hot concrete over there in the hot desert sun. Their feet need protection just like us. They look weird walking in them though...almost like they are prancing around
  7. FryGuy14

    anybody know about this holster

    Sweet. Gun Show this weekend here in San Antonio, TX. We shall see what I can find as far as a good deal....The best deal wins!
  8. FryGuy14

    Back from FTX at Camp Bullis, 68W10 MOSQ

    Those craptastic hooches were still there when I went through my GCS training for Security Forces at Bullis! Now they are A/C and heat with REAL windows! My how things have changed! Bring back the old days of really roughing it! (not that I am really old school like most of you folks, but still)
  9. FryGuy14

    Concealed Carry at work

    Weird to know that an employer can search your car. I would think someone would either have to have a warrant or PC to search your vehicle. I am not sure about private persons having the legal right to search your vehicle anytime they want. I would have to check with local PD to see if those types of searches are legal. IMO they are not legal based on the fact no PC exists and no warrant.
  10. FryGuy14

    anybody know about this holster

    Have you had any problems with the plastic belt clips? I saw a video comparing the super tuck with the Minotaur and they were concerned about the clips possibly breaking.
  11. FryGuy14

    anybody know about this holster

    Thanks for the input!
  12. FryGuy14

    Back from FTX at Camp Bullis, 68W10 MOSQ

    Haha that is funny. I teach Air Base Ground Defense for the Security Forces Apprentice Course. We call it ground combat skills now. Interesting to know we used Bullis in the good ol' days!
  13. FryGuy14

    Concealed Carry at work

    I am not allowed to carry on base, but again DADT is the best way.
  14. Good info! I will keep it in mind. Any other suggestions for a holster for Sig P229 that may help with printing?