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  1. True, no need for a cell phone. But 2 way radios and a solar charger could come in handy. Along with short wave radios, flashlights, battery powered tools (sawzall, drill and such). Hell, for my family, another issue is my deaf kids. I've looked extensively on line, but cannot find any info about EMP and cochler implants. I know the external processor would fry. But if I had the backup processors in a faraday cage, they would be protected. I just cannot find out if the internal portion would get damaged. There are no processors or serious circuitry. It is just a small electro magnet, and a wire with different electrodes on teh end.
  2. Never thought of building a Farady cage for a car? Besides, based on reading about EMPs and talking to people that know alot more than I do abut these issues, I was considering gettign a personalized plate for my Fiat that says "EMP PRF"! No computers, circuit boards or anything. Not even in the ignition (points and condersor). Hell, the things onyl has 2 relays in it! Hopefully, as long it the EMP didn't detonate directly overhead, the Fiat would make it throuh the blast. If it was overhead, I dont think it'd matter if the Fiat still worked or not.
  3. Didn't read this specific article, but my understanding is No. In an EMP scenario (and solar flare i beleive) It doesn't matter if the device is plugged in or not. I think this allpies more to EMP than SF due to the increse in the strenght of the magnetic pulse. In an EMP attack (to the best of my understanding) there will be so much electro magnetic energy in teh atmosphere that even if the device is unplugged, it will become energized to the point of destroying all processors and such. From what I hace read, the best protectin against an EMP or SF is to build a farady cage and keep you emergency electronic (2 way radios, flashlights, batteries, any medical devices) inside it. THe metal (preferrably copper) needs to be a very tight weave. This mesh will shiled the itmes inside the cage from teh harmful EMP waves. Besides the obvious reasons for consern with an EMP, my family has it's own concerns. Both of my kids are deaf with cochlear implants. If an EMP occurs, on top of the worl coming to a stop, my children will no longer be able to hear. I know the external portion will be fried. I dont think the internal poartion will, but have not been able to verify this. People that rely on pacemakers will b einstantly toast along with those that require kidney dialysis, and other medical issues. If you are not familiar with a farady cage, look it up. In a pinch, a microwave would work, but the problem, becomes anticipation of the attack. If you have an old broken one, that'll do. Look at the door on your microwave. Inside the glass is a very tight metal mesh. The inside of amicrowave is surrounded in this mesh. It prevents the harmful "waves" from escaping. While the mocirwave is designed to keep rays in, the farady is the exact opposite, to keep waves out. Since they are exact opposites, the Farady law works on both. Faraday cages are easy and cheap to build. Just make a wooden frame from 2x2 and cover in metl mesh. Which ever side you use for the door, just be sure to overlap the mesh to close off any vulnerable area of the box.
  4. I got a few of them through a local plastics factory. I dont want to start a debate here, but after researching this very issue, I decided against buying used barrels. You can never REALLY know what was put in them before you buy them. Sure, most of them probably had clocolate sauce or syrups in them. But unless you SEE the barrle with that in there, you never know. Also, I would suggest goin gwith a 55 galon blue plastic FDA food grade barrel. They are designed to keep consumible goods safe for comsumption. Sure, they may cost a bit more, but are worth it in my opinion. Buy once, cry once. After yuo do your are 100% sure that the water in them will be safe to drink. Other barrels may have a negative effect on your water. Either by contamination, or just a nasty taste. Going back to the used barrels. Also take into consideration that sugary items dont store for extended periods of time. The sugars absorbed intot eh drum, may hurt you a couple years down the road. Besides, the thought of living off of water that tastes funky doe snot sound good to me. Again, these are just my opinions. The odds are that you would be fine using a used barrel. But in the context of preperation, it's not the odds we look iat in prepping. it the stakes. Wouldnt it suck if the water was actually needed, but became undrinkable? Next issues. Find a good barrel pump. There is no point in storing water if you have no way of easily getting access to it. You will also need to buy the caps (bungs), along with the bung wrench to open and close the barrels. Also, invest in a super siphon. You will need whe you drain and refill the water in the future. Which brings me to my next point. Treating the water. Most tap water will be fine sitting in a barrel for a year. But, if you want to double the shelf life of the water, add 1/4 per teaspoon of plain unscented bleach per gallon. I dont recall 100% if ti was 1/4 tsp. but I know it coems out to 1/4 cup per 55 gallon drum. This will allow you to leave the water in place for 2 years. Also, try to kkep the drums in a dry cool place away from sunlight. A basement is ideal for this. Since I moved, I now place the drums in my garage. It is attached to the house with heating and cooling. Since they will be axposed to occasional sunlight, I bought a thick tarp and covered the barrels with it. THis also stops people from seeing them and asking why I have all of those drums in the garage.
  5. I'm familiar with Lyme's disease. While in teh Army, a coworker of mine caught it. Not good.... Yes, teh garage is an amazing wildlife trap isn't it! I find all kinds of dead bugs that I'd never seen before. The other day I found a beetle that had large pincers sticking out of its face. It reminded me of a tiny version of those huge dung beetles. As far as the animals around here, I've seen a bunch. Just last night, before leaving for work, I took the dog out on her leash. I was standing near the tree line when I heard something move about 10 feet from me. Being a dark night with no moonlight, I couldn't see anything. I stepped closer and a deer took off out of the trees! THat scared the crap out of me! Insticively, I pulled my 40 cal and almost took a shot at it. Fortunately, I realized that it was not a threat so I put the Smith back in the holster. I find deer tracks constantly in my yard. I have a box turtle living just inside the tree line. I've seen a 4 ft black snake out there along with little chipmunks. I've also heard coyotes in teh area. While driving around the area I see alot of deer, skunks, and such. THe other day I was driving down the road when I saw what looked like puppies wrestling around just off the shoulder of the road. I slowed down to get a better look and realized that they were 3 foxes(about 4 months old). Neat animals. As I was passing, one of them stopped playing and watched me. I was close enough to see it's eyes. Man they have some freaky/evil looking eyes. I never knew that foxes have vertical, catlike pupils. There are several dangerous animals around here that I have not seen, but know they are around. We have alot of copperheads and a few timber rattel snakes. Alot of brown recluses and supposedly a few Ozark tarantulas. I also remember seeing as a kid, small yellow/brown scorpions. And after all of that, I love this place! So quiet, peaceful, relaxing, and secluded. I jsut came in from smoking. I always find myself looking up at teh sky and checking out all fo the stars that I could never see at any of my old houses.
  6. I heard that when he went to get a Whopper, he bowed to the damn Burger King!
  7. I didn't follow th elink, but I assume it is POTUSOA sining "millions of peaches......peaches for me". RIght? I too hate ticks. The fact that Wash U is doing a 25 year study on ticks on teh property that backs up to mine, I guess, is not good since I HATE those little things.
  8. PM As other said, Karma is a wonderful thing. I have a mentally retarded older sister, and 2 deaf kids. It's a shame that the guy at the garage needed to depend on charity. It sounds as if the deaf man cutting hte grass benifits from it too. But, it is what it is, and that cannot be changed by anyone here. From one father of a disabled kid to another, thank you. Thank you for realizing that he/they were in need, and helping out. I think you are cutting yourself short. What you did was huge. You not only gave money (which is always important), but you donated a little bit of your day to help someone who has apparently spent his life helpming others. What was that movie?? Oh yeah, Pay it Forward.
  9. I moved a couple weeks ago. I moved from a populated inner ring municipality, to a rural, peaceful, beautiful area. I really love living here! So, with all the chaos involved in unpacking, getting settled and such there are some things that I haven't gotten to yet, like installing the invisible fence for the dog. I have been spending aolt of free time in the garage, trying to get it put together in a somewhat logical manner. I spent severa; hours in there today and this evening. After dinner I went back to the garage to plug away at it. My dog (very smart Standard Poodle) has bene hanging out with me. Every once in a while she will wander off in the yard. SInce the majority of the 3 1/2 acre yard is heavily wooded I try to keep her in sight. Well......... I was messing around at my work bench when my wife asks "where's the dog?". "Um....... Dont know.She was just laying outside by the truck in the driveway." Keep in mind this was at about 8:00 PM. With the sun soon setting, I realized that I had to go into the woods in the dark. No biggie, but keep in mind that I have NEVER walked the property. SO I geared up, and hit the woods. Oh, of course about 20 minutes after starting this journey, it started raining! I came out of the woods at about 9:30 without the dog. After walking for quite some distance, I decided to head back. Even though I had 2 flashlights (1 back up), compass, gps, serious first aid kit, pistol, 2 knives, and a pack of smokes, I thought it best to get out of the woods when I heard coyotes off in the distance, and gunfire. So, I headed home and hopped in the truck. I drove the area for a few hours. Good thing I have 4 wheel drive! SOme of the backroads around here are rough (but fun).So I head back home. While standing in the driveway I hear dogs barking across the valley so I head off on foot towards the road. I decided against walking onto someone elses property to find the dog. Getting shot was not worth finding the dog tongiht. So I walk up the road for 1/2 mile to the intersecting highway. I found nothing so I headed back. Once back, I informed my wife (who was a complete mess) that I didn't find the dog. So I hop in the shower. Did I mention the property behind mine is owned by Washington university? YEAH! they use it for tick research. So, guess what I did for 20 minutes before taking a shower? You guessed it! Pulling a bunch of ticks off me. So I finish my shower. walk out to the garage to have a smoke. I open th egarage door, and guess who was waiting for me? THe damn dog! If I didn't love her so munch I'd of beat her ass. Instead, I gave her a bath since she was apparently playing in the creek and runnning through a field (covered in mud, burrs and ticks). So, all of this started at 8pm. 5 hourd later the dog is home, the family is sleeping, and I am WIPED OUT. So, I guess tomorrw I am gonna install the electric fence!
  10. Not fired, or imprisoned. I verified that I can shoot on my property. In unincorporated areas of the county, you can shoot on your property as long as you do not shoot anyone or anything that belongs to anyone else. I can hunt on my own property too. I need to take the hunter safety course, and have the appropriate tags. If my land was over 5 acres, I wouldn't need tags. I'll try to come up with a way to get soem pics of the house up.
  11. Sorry about that. Life's been crazy. I finally moved into the new house, so all extra time leading up to and following the move has been insane. We've been in the new house for 2 weeks now and this is the first time I've had to swing by. My wife FINALLY figured out why I like it here (new house) so much. A buddy of mine was over and made a commented about the house and acrage around it being "ideal for a defenseive stand". I ponted out a few thigns with the terrain, home, hillside, yard, kill zones, likely avenues of attack (and so on). My wife came over punched me in the arm and said "a$$hole! You never said anything about this stuff to me". My response, "I did but you weren't paying attention....... Not my fault". By looking around, there is only 1 place that someone could drive a vehicle up to the house, excpet of course on teh driveway. I foind it more than a coincidence that that area has been blocked by several large cut down, and neatly stacked full trees blocking the area. THe more I look at stuff, teh more I am convinced that the previous owner had defense in mind when he built, and lived in the house. THere seem to be alot of things here that point to a "prepper" living here. HIgh ground, well water, septic system, electric is only utility, neat little areas in the house that are not only secrure, but well planned out. The house is on 3.5 acres. We are tucked away on a hill side in a rural area. The road is about a 1/4 mile from my house (straight line dist). The other 3 houses on the hill side are several hundred feet away from me. I cannto see them at all. I spoke to one of the neighbors the other day, and I got the feel that they moved to this area for the same reasons we did. While talking to her, she said something that I liked. "All of the neighbors are very nice, and help each other out. We socialize occasionally, but most of all, we ALL like our privacy". NICE!!! Although I haven't had the chance to do it yet, it is perfectly legal to shoot on your own property here. I haven't had the chance to shoot in a while. Too busy. I have a felling that I will get some trigger time on the back porch in the very near future. Well, gotta run.
  12. I agree that alot of bikes (most Harelys) are too loud. But we have enoguh govt intrusion. Leave it alone. I do have to add one thing here. Most epopl ewear ear plugs to protect thier hearing from wind noise, not the pipes. Who here has ridden for an extended amoutn of time. When you get to your destiation you ears are rigning and can acutally hurt sometimes. WInd noise, even with a very good helmet, is still ound oneugh to cause hearing damage. THat ringing in your ears is called tinitus. I haev dealy with it for years. During my riding days, it was worse. I started wearing ear plugs when I was going to be riding at highway speeds. After doing this, I did notice the tinitus was noy nearly as lud. For $hits and gins, google wind noise levels and morotcycle. You'll be suprised how loud it really is!
  13. jeremy128

    Copper theft

    Copper theft has been an issue ehre for at least 10 years. When I worked in the 'hood, we always came across vacant/condemned buildings with teh wifres, plumbing and such stolen. Hell, we even have problems with people demolishing vacant buildings that they do not own. They take anythign that may be worth a buc from teh inside, then tear down the brick walls. THey stack the bricks on pallets and remove them. Old St. Louis bricks go for alot of money in the southwest where they cannot make thei own bricks. Supposedly they get $0.50 per brick. THe get truckloads of bricks and make a fortune.
  14. Primary- BCM 16" Secondary-Remington 870, and Smith or Sig 40 Vehicle-2004 Nissan Frontier 4x4 4dr Armor- Mesh motorcycle jacket with full armor (ballistic armor not necessary), Draggin jeans (kevlar lined), my work boots, motorcycle gloves with kevlar knuckles. Battle anthem- Dropkick Murphy's Do or die CD Sidekick- Buddy of mine named Ben Stronghold- My new house (havent closed on it yet, but it's currently vacant, so I'll kick it in) Location- Just outside St. Louis Mo. Last words-Pinky, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
  15. I finally had soem free tiem toady so I took the Fiat out for a good flogging along some country backraods near my new house is. After that, there is no way I could part with my 128!
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