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  1. Glad another noob asked as I wondered this myself. I doubt there is a provision for this in ObamaCare. The only pre-existing condition they will not cover.
  2. It does look sweet. Now go out and break it in and report back.
  3. Glad to hear it's not the worst out there. This will will be used mostly for 3-Gun competition and for general fun. If I get an opportunity I will use it for a varmints also.
  4. Sorry, but I consider these items to be un-needed gadgetry. More Tacti-cool than anything.
  5. I was just at the manufacturers site and I could not help but drool all over my keyboard. My "Must Have" list is getting really large.
  6. Thanks for the awesome info. While I haven't bought an AR yet I do need some scratch coverup on other black firearms. Going to order Birchwood Casey - Super black instant touch-up pen
  7. Hey All, I'm looking at getting a DPMS Oracle 5.56 and would like some honest opinions. For those who like pics, click here--> DPMS Oracle First hand experience is always the best but if you have a buddy with one please weigh in. It will be my 1st "Black Rifle" even though I own a Hi-Point carbine that is all black.
  8. Hey All, Does anyone know of a place to shoot outside and not an regulated range? Close to the Ill/Wis border would be best as I'm near Antioch, IL. I just want to take my daughter out so we can get a little trigger time outside. Small caliber handgun and rifle (.22, 9mm). Some indoor ranges do not allow her since she is only 13 not to mention it would be nice to have quiet time to teach.
  9. A friend of mine heads to Tennessee. They have a large variety of live targets. http://www.caryonah.com/
  10. Just Joined the ARmory. I have been reading for a couple days and there is a great wealth of knowledge here. I initially only shot blackpowder and old military rifles (1903 Springfield, M1 carbine) with my father when I was a kid. A couple years ago I discovered a local Pistol league and have been shooting regularly since then. Now I am expanding to 3-Gun and want to use an AR as my carbine. I've never felt like such a noob. I will be a book/web educated AR buyer. I'm depending on all the AR knowledge here to assist me.
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