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  1. donbeeleer49: Yeah, I go through Summertown often heading down to Pickwick to fish. Good to hear from you and thanks for the welcome. Elwood
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome and the good information. Two more...does anyone else shoot this rifle or one similar and if so, what commerical brand of ammo does your's seem to like the best? Also, given the recommended bullet weight range (55 to 69), can anyone share a good reload? Just something to start with. I'm not going to be punching much paper but want it to do well for critters that need whacking. I'll get a report out to you when I get a chance to shoot it. Thanks again, Elwood
  3. Hey Folks: New member here...got my first AR today. I've been wanting one for sometime and traded into a Rock River Arms LAR 15 "Predator Pursuit" with a 20" barrel. Haven't shot it yet but it handles good, looks good and has a nice trigger. I need to ask, it has 1:8 twist in the barrel...what weight bullet do you recommend with this twist? Been into guns all my life...just never made the move to a black toy until now. Have been doing a lot of reading on this forum...very good information. I have a lot to learn about these guns...so there will probably be some silly questions. Thanks, Elwood
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