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  1. I had a 00 z28 that I sold last summer... I miss her...
  2. I ordered from them once in the past with no trouble, but I have heard others have had trouble. Sorry if that's not much help...
  3. Oh, you're absolutely right! I bought 2 stripped lowers, and before I could finish putting a parts kit in the first, I'm already daydreaming about what the second one will be!
  4. In Memphis, the city's been buying Hemi Chargers for the past couple of years. We still have two versions of the Chevy Impala still on the street as well as a few Intrepids out rolling around. Not a big fan of the Dodge fit and finish, but god that is one fast car. Makes me miss my 00 z28, when I mash the skinny pedal.
  5. That's a good question. Since it's my first AR I'd like to keep the cost for the complete upper under $1000. I'm thinking I'd like a 16" carbine. I'm still reading up on barrel twist rates and ammo. This rifle will be for plinking and poss. home defense.
  6. Hello all, I stumbled on to this site recently, while researching ar's, and have found it to be very informative. I have had ak type rifles for quite some time, but recently bought a Spike's lower and am now trying to pick an upper for it. I wish I had gotten one of these rifles years ago!
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