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  1. I am a noob here .... My first pix of my 7yrs old boy and my newly AR...enjoy! Everything comes so natural on him...I had to tell him to let go on the trigger
  2. My Noveske upper with Vortex F.E makes the same ring.....ziiiiiing!
  3. So pretty....i like your toolbox too.
  4. Here are my Evil Toys hehehehe: Have a merry day!
  5. Nah not yet, as soon as i got it done today, i jumped right on to AR15A so....
  6. New pix with EOtech-XPS2 posted up in the General AR subforum...dint wanna cross thread, sorry!
  7. Bushmaster XM15 lower with Magpul CTR Comercial Stock....Dont ask me why....!?! Noveske N4 Light- Basic 14.5 with attached Vortec Flash Hider Timney Single Stage 4lbs Skelotonized Trigger Command Arms Tac Grip Danile Defense 7.0 Omega Free Float Handguard EOTECH-XPS2 sight. Please excuse my photo skill. OOps, there was a dirt stain on my magz. Thanks for all the help, any comment or opinion appreciated.
  8. jonnywong

    Anybody home?

    Years ago, couple of us from glocktalk did organize a few shootouts and GTGs in Oregon, somewhere on hwy 224, passed Estacada, right over the green bridge. I cant quite recall the location, may be someone can chime in...but that was 10yrs ago, i dont know bout now.
  9. oh oh....does this mean am i getting it? is it contatious? no vaccin for it yet?
  10. Wow, thank you guys for the warm welcome and more helpful recommendations....I am thinking out loud: EOTECH 517.A65. Anyone has any experience with such? Please help me choose the right one...
  11. jonnywong

    Anybody home?

    I used to live in Portland....I am in WA now. Does that count?
  12. jonnywong

    PNW guys

    I am new here...just moved from PDX, OR. I am in Kent, WA.....for now!
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