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  1. Has anyone done the Taurus 405 or Charter arms bulldog conversion?I'm not a big Taurus fan.I would like to get my hands on a Charter to see if the ejecters would be long enough to eject the 10mm.If not I think I might try the Taurus.I have a 610 5'' it's a little to big for CCW.I don't have the cash for a 310.I think these might be a good alternative.
  2. There's a model in 45acp so the lower will accept a Glock 20 mag.It says the calibers will be interchangeble.It might real simple by just reeming the chamber of a 40S&W and using the lower that fits the 45acp.I'm interested in how the calibers interchange.
  3. I seen that EMF is going to introduce a pistol caliber carbine using Glock mags.It's suppose to be in 9mm,40cal and 45acp.It resembles a AR15.I wrote them a e-mail asking if it was going to be produced in 10mm and they said it was a possibility.It should be easy to convert,but if alot of people(you)would request it,they might make it.If I knew how to link this to their web-site I would.
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    Thought I'd introduce myself.I'm Doug from SW PA.Been lurking on the 10mm forum,thought I'd better join to learn and share.Nice to meet you guys and gals.
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