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  1. jtrain

    Good range day

    Too bad they didn't go full retro. The MLOK rail is cool, but retro is cooler. Nice Toys Tack!
  2. It is yours for $600 shipped!
  3. I had a Gen 1 and Gen 2 Folding Stock Adapter. They were both problematic. I cannot see a major change in the design, so I am not sure about the Gen 3. The pivot wears out, the play becomes unmanageable and the lock wears out. It is all Aluminum on Aluminum wear. It is not a good long term solution. Fresh out of the box they work fine. Time is the enemy of this device.
  4. So you won’t need the stock? sounds good, good luck brother
  5. jtrain

    Pre-Assembly Fantasy

    That upper is just as ugly as Quasimodo
  6. jtrain

    Pre-Assembly Fantasy

    I just threw up in my mouth.