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  1. Update, now this auction is only for the Upper Complete and Surefire Handguards, Trijicon RX01 (not RX30) not included, sold on other auction site. New price $500 shipped. right to your door.
  2. Yeah, I have a new build I want to do, this one is a safe queen. I got a wild hair one night and bought the parts, I don't regret it. This upper is loosely based on a late 1990s SWAT gun I saw a few years ago. The M500 and RX30 go together like PB and J. It looks as great as it shoots. A fun little upper. I am into the Vietnam era guns right now and want to build a 605 Colt-Style upper.
  3. https://ibb.co/Ss71yT0 https://ibb.co/ZhYzsG0 https://ibb.co/9vD6Kck https://ibb.co/sRXtBKc https://ibb.co/2yBGvJD https://ibb.co/TLxmH3M 1/7 twist nitride barrel Govt Profile PSA Nitride FA bolt carrier with MP tested bolt Surefire M500 Handguard with Xeon light and dual LED red travel lights Trijicon RX30 with Polarized Filter and cantilever mount A2 upper receiver with M4 cuts and ramps $750 firm, shipped right to your door
  4. It is 3-4x the cost of .223, and is 32-40gr (thus the velocity). A .36gr projectile has horrible terminal ballistics compared to a .55gr FMJ projectile, for a performance gain of 110--90fps.
  5. .22 Nosler: 3350fps 5.56mm M193 .55gr 3260fps is 90fps worth having a non-standard round? Hell a .222 40gr round goes at 3580fps When you are talking about small bore velocities, you have to think about availability of ammo. Also, good luck finding a barrel for the oddball rounds. Then there is cartridge length, bolt face diameter, etc. BTW, .222 is popular in Euro because most Euro countries do not allow civilians to use military ammo.
  6. On modern rifles I exclusively use the Blackhawk Dieter CQD Bungee Sling: https://www.ebay.com/p/2254472073 It is a very sturdy nylon sling with HK clips that can be clipped to the small hole on either side to make 1-point sling. The bungee absorbs shock of running with the weapon, it also allows you to keep the sling shorter, when you shoulder the rifle the bungee takes up the slack and forces the stock against your shoulder. The nylon is very thick, yet supple, and very flexible. The bungees are covered in flexible polished nylon. I have them in black and FDE. I use Damage Industries D-shaped QDs http://damageindustriesllc.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=142_73&product_id=475 and on one of my rifles I also use a combination of VLTOR Sling Plate https://www.vltor.com/shop/ar/mounts/sase-sling-mount-end-plate/ and a MAGPUL RSA https://magpul.com/rsa-rail-sling-attachment.html This allows for a rock solid mounting and not having to worry about QDs clipping out. Slings are like holsters, it is all about personal preference. No one sling setup works for everyone. A sling is an integral part of any rifle, and a rifle without a sling is a toy. You have to be able to drop your rifle on it's sling and know it will still be with you when you need it. On older rifles, like my Vietnam Era XM177E2 and XM16E2 I use a traditional canvas or nylon sling, as would have been issued at the time, these are aesthetic and I do not count these rifles as part of my defensive arsenal, what with their 1/12 twist rifling, they are not tack drivers, especially my XM177 with the 12" barrel and 5.5 moderator. On my 1990s SWAT 10.5" M4 Carbine setup I use more of a 90's Army Ranger/LAPD SWAT sling. A 72" Nylon Blackhawk Sling, with Plastic stays and a loop adapter. This lets you run the rifle low and slung, so you can shift it to your back quickly, and out of your way.
  7. Poly lowers are 110% unreliable, it is not a matter of if it will fail, but when. Every time you should, there should be an expectation that the lower will fail. Tack is right, a plastic lower with a lifetime warranty is pointless. At the moment of truth, you have no weapon but an RMA for a return. The weight savings over an Aluminum is so negligible, that I have never seen a need or a want for an AR plastic lower. Some people say "I just want to see if it works". Cool, I get that, however having a rifle come apart in your hands (or worse) sounds like not a fun time. I would take the offer and build a reliable AR15. You can get an Anderson Lower for $39.99, it will last literally forever.
  8. I have a standard black lower I want to get coated to color match a Nodak-based Brownells XM177E2 upper. Help me out!
  9. I am building a retro, I need a standard trigger guard and roll pin. Anyone have a spare?
  10. The good high heat pain has ceramic in it, it will hold up great!
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