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  1. jtrain

    AR15 Picture Topic Part IV

  2. jtrain

    AR15 Picture Topic Part IV

    Bet that fixes the dwell issues.
  3. jtrain

    My M16A1 Family

    Tack, did the 67-73 have a Mag Release Fence?
  4. I think that the whole Chrome vs No-Chrome issue was a 90s thing. Lots of manufacturers make crap chrome lined barrels back then. They over-bored the barrels then slopped on the chrome. I prefer stainless and melonited barrels. Yes stainless does not last as long, but damn I love a stainless barrel, less to worry about. I did shoot expert 3X in the Corps with Iron Sights, non-freefloat and a 20" 1:7 Govt Profile Chrome Lined Barrel with non-match .62 M855 Green Tip, but I was always told the Dope behind the rifle was more important than the dope on the rifle.
  5. jtrain

    New faux Mk12 suppressor for my Mk12 Mod 0

    I see that, your attention to detail on your arsenal is amazing (and expensive!)
  6. I have this upper on my wife's rifle. It is a great shooter. I don't know how PSA does it, but their prices are cray.
  7. jtrain

    PSA Premium BCG For $59.99

    It looks pretty good, nothing special, basically just a plain jane BCU.
  8. jtrain

    PSA Premium BCG For $59.99

    Bought one. It is very nice.
  9. jtrain

    My New Colt M4A1 SOCOM

    Sadly some people cannot see any opinion but theirs.
  10. jtrain

    My New Colt M4A1 SOCOM

    I carried a Colt M16A2 for 4 years as a Marine. It was decent and definitely put up with a ton of abuse. That rifle I carried was probably built in 1990. Flash forward to 2010 when I bought my 6940, 20 years makes a big difference. I have shot a few newer models and handled some more. I am more impressed with FN when it comes to the M16/AR15. Again, some people will always buy Polo jeans, even though there are much better and often less expensive brands available.
  11. jtrain

    My New Colt M4A1 SOCOM

    Meh, I bought a Colt 6940 a few years ago. Colt is like "Polo" brand. You are just paying for the name. I am a firm believer in build your own at this point.
  12. jtrain

    WTS: 2010 Sig Sauer P220R

    I love my 19X!
  13. jtrain

    WTS: 2010 Sig Sauer P220R

    It actually was traded for a G19X today!!! Hooray!
  14. jtrain

    +1 for Jtrain