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  1. I have a standard black lower I want to get coated to color match a Nodak-based Brownells XM177E2 upper. Help me out!
  2. I upgraded my furniture on my shorty with FDE furniture Here is the old stuff. Includes: B5 Sopmod Stock Mil Spec Hydro-Dipped Nomad Kryptec with Ceracoat Magpul AFG-1 Hydro-Dipped Nomad Kryptec with Ceracoat BCM Gunfighter 2 Hydro-Dipped Nomad Kryptec with Ceracoat $70 shipped.
  3. Price drop $65.00
  4. I am building a retro, I need a standard trigger guard and roll pin. Anyone have a spare?
  5. SPECS: Upper Receiver: A4 Flat-Top, Forged Barrel Length: 11.5" Barrel Contour: Government Barrel Material: 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel Muzzle Thread Pattern: 1/2"-28 Chrome Lined: No Barrel Finish: QPQ Melonite / Black Nitride Twist Rate: 1 in 7" Chamber: 5.56x45mm NATO M4 Feed Ramps: Yes Bolt Carrier: Full-Auto Rated 1-Piece w/Integral Piston Strike Face Gas System Length: Carbine, Short Stroke Piston Operated Gas Block Diameter: 0.750" Handguard: Adams Arms M-LOK Rail System Weight: 3.9 lbs UPC: 812151022189; 812151022790 Lifetime Warranty: Yes Includes: Front and Rear OEM Samson Flip Up BUIS (HK Style Front) IWC Hand Stop (MLOK) POF Roller Cam (prevents cam pin drag in Piston Guns) This gun was never fired with stock Cam Pin Sig Sauer Romeo5X in FDE with Tool (uses AAA batteries) https://www.sigsauer.com/products/electro-optics/red-dot-sights/ (Paid $199.00 last Christmas) Magpul RVG (MLOK) Strike Industries Rail Covers (MLOK) LWRCI Utra Short Stock (MilSpec) Your Choice of Rosch Works C7 Comp or A2 Flash Suppressor Does not include: Lower Brevis Delta P Suppressor $699.00 Shipped to you directly (make me an offer) Less than 200 rounds fired. Kept in safe. Fully adjustable Gas Block for suppressed or unsuppressed shooting. Warning, this is upper's barrel is 11.5", all NFA regulations apply. Must be installed on a Pistol Lower or Registered NFA lower.
  6. jtrain

    Okay I'm addicted...

    The good high heat pain has ceramic in it, it will hold up great!
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    Okay I'm addicted...

    You should get a deburring tool for the edges. It looks great! https://www.homedepot.com/p/SHAVIV-MB2000-with-E100-Blade-Deburring-Tool-with-Heavy-Duty-Blue-Handle-29092/309470932?mtc=Shopping-B-F_D25T-G-D25T-25_1_HAND_TOOLS-Multi-NA-Feed-PLA-NA-NA-HandTools_PLA&cm_mmc=Shopping-B-F_D25T-G-D25T-25_1_HAND_TOOLS-Multi-NA-Feed-PLA-NA-NA-HandTools_PLA-71700000034127224-58700003933021546-92700049573927173&gclid=CjwKCAjwk6P2BRAIEiwAfVJ0rAwJa7hpDN3XNYi-IMaCSb1jRqIxgBRZnYXLDakAXSV4xF-uw2oxixoCo6IQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds hit the inside with some High Heat Spraypaint, GTG!
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    AR15 Picture Topic Part IV

    The Evolution of the AR15
  9. Here is a breakdown: A B5 Stock is $58 plus shipping. A BCM Gunfighter grip is $18 A Magpul AFG1 is $35 That is $111 in furniture, plus the Hydro and Ceracoat
  10. Tack, we have seen them in dribs and drabs.... Let us see the Treasure Room.
  11. Except he has posted them all at one time or another.... I have never hidden my guns. I say show them.
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    Made some changes today.

    Are you a Marine?
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    +1 for RedBarron06

    Fast pay, thanks brother!
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    Good range day

    Too bad they didn't go full retro. The MLOK rail is cool, but retro is cooler. Nice Toys Tack!
  15. It is yours for $600 shipped!
  16. I had a Gen 1 and Gen 2 Folding Stock Adapter. They were both problematic. I cannot see a major change in the design, so I am not sure about the Gen 3. The pivot wears out, the play becomes unmanageable and the lock wears out. It is all Aluminum on Aluminum wear. It is not a good long term solution. Fresh out of the box they work fine. Time is the enemy of this device.