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  1. Ravenwood

    my custom tactical light mount

    Looks sleek and robust (it is aluminium, right?). Only negativish feature is the use of allen screws, thus making removal and install tool-depended. I like to store my tactical light in a pouch in my vest untill I need it.
  2. My little boy sniping away... ...or not so little... he's turning 21 this year and still makes his old man prouder and prouder.
  3. Ravenwood

    BCM 14.5 Middy!

    Quite convincing rifle, sir!
  4. Ravenwood

    .223/5.56 ammo stash

    I'm sorry sir, but i think you are wrong on both accounts. According to my own research (manufacturer pages and spent cases on a range), I'm quite sure it is a fact that Barnaul steel cased cardridges are Berdan primed, thus not easily reloaded. Berdan primed cases are harder to reload, not impossible: there's a special tool for removing Berdan primers. Then again, steel cased cardridges are not ment for reloading, since steel cracks easily if you try to resize the case, or in chamber when shooting.
  5. Ravenwood

    .223/5.56 ammo stash

    Well sir, I agree with you, except for one thing: Tougher Berdan primers are used by commies, but also by NATO MILSPEC suppliers. The purpose is to prevent slamfire caused by dirty/partially stuck firing pin. All MILSPEC strenght hammer springs should be able to ingite Berdan primers. The primer depth is an issue with cheap ammo and does cause misfires. I've yet to see a worn out firing pin: still got the same pin in one of my carbines, but the original 5.56 NATO chambered non chrome lined (and pre owned) barrel began keyholing every third bullet after maybe 30K rounds of Berdan primered NATO surplus confiscated from PLO by IDF. (michschi: abbr. warning!) But I concure: respect your weapon and don't feed it crappy ammo.
  6. Ravenwood

    .223/5.56 ammo stash

    Well sir, the point is, that you shouldn't have to clean your BCG during shooting 1000 rounds. At least if they are shot in anger.
  7. Ravenwood

    .223/5.56 ammo stash

    You're quite right: I buy ammo in boxes of 1120 rounds/box, sometimes one, somethimes three or four. Never use them all up. Until the obligatory TEOTWAWKI, of course
  8. Ravenwood

    .223/5.56 ammo stash

    No sir, have not and shall not. I would never shoot that commie sorry excuse for an ammo through my rifles, not even an AK. Sub standard crap. Loosening primers, oversized steel casing stuck in chamber, melted and chipping lacquer in chamber and firing mechanism causing failure to feed and to ignite the primer... No good. This report is solely based on my own observations, and is not an opinion. Others may vary. I apologize if I sound hars, but I do hate crappy ammo: it kills operators, not insurgents. About the topic at hand: thirtyish GI mags loaded with 28 rounds of Czech Sellier & Bellot 55grs FMJ (used to have a truckload of NATO surplus, gone now). Why 28? Because when there's mud and blood and squirrels and rats inside your rifle slowing down your bolt carrier, it's easy to have a failure to feed with a full mag, hence 28 rounds per mag. Addition to this I've got a stash of 2000 to 5000 rounds of .223 at hand in my ammo cabinet.
  9. Ravenwood

    Pet peeves

    Yes sir, I do understand your point, but when you need any feature outside the "plain jane" box (night vision, red dot in a low light condition, bright flashlight when night vision isn't an option), you probably would rather have one "tacticool" rifle than 10 plain janes. The mission dictates your kit. You don't have to be a merc or a contractor or a LEO to find yourself in a life threatening situation with no ambient light helping you find your front sight, or your opponent. Spot on, sir! I'd better poor miself a pint :beer2:
  10. Ravenwood

    Pet peeves

    :D ROFLMAO while w8ing 4 TEOTWAWKI!
  11. Ravenwood

    Pet peeves

    So sorry sir, didn't try to be a besserwisser... My latest pet peeve: Unpropotional use of abbreviations while discussing about AR-15's.
  12. Ravenwood

    Pet peeves

    Makes sense, never heard that one before though. Not a NATO abbreviation.
  13. Ravenwood

    Pet peeves

    Heureka: vfg=Vertical ForeGrip! TTP doesn't ring a bell... Edit. Disclaimer: English isn't my main lingo, so don't mind my french...
  14. Ravenwood

    Pet peeves

    I believe, that SME stands for Small and Medium Business, geegaw (or gewgaw) is ye olde word meaning a trinket of some kind... Two way range might be a situtation where your targets shoot back... Please correct if I'm wrong, sir.