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  1. I like the set screw gas blocks. I've had a couple of them myself and had no problems with movement. For drilling the dimples, I use one set screw to position the block, and then center punch the other two, swap a screw position and center punch the last hole, remove the gas block and drill the dimples, this will keep you from accidentally damaging the threads of your gas block if your drill bit slips. Use Loctite 2620 applied to the set screw threads (You may need a propane torch to get the screws out in the future). If that concerns you, use Loctite 271 Red, it requires less heat to get it apart again. If you are determined to use Rocksett, here is another source besides Amazon: http://store.flexbar.com/merchant2/merchan...Adhesive-Cement I've never used Rocksett before, and can't comment on its performance, but Loctite has always been a good performing product for me. Good luck
  2. I am not the foremost AR Expert here, but from what I do know, I would think that a little overspray on the inside should not cause any problems with fitment or function, the magwell is the only area I could think of that might pose a problem, (but only if it is very tight to begin with). If it is still a major concern to you, I would advise filling, or masking the inside of the receiver, to insure that nothing enters the inside while you are applying the paint. Good luck, and happy painting!
  3. If you don"t mind the corrosive primers, this is a great deal on long term storage ammo: http://www.jgsales.com/product_info.php/p/...roducts_id/3888 Just clean your gun well with a cleaner containing ammonia.
  4. I have one just like that, and I love it! Very accurate and the muzzle brake definitely reduces muzzle climb. Fit and finish are superior to most AK's I've owned. Enjoy it, and Welcome to the Dark Side!
  5. Thought I'd add my two cents here....even if the thread is an old one. I had the misfortune of ordering a parts kit from Blackthorne before I knew that they were formerly Hesse/Vulcan. If I'd have known that up front I would have run in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, I blew my money on one of their kits. The upper receiver I got was so out of spec that it had to be scrapped....it is actually bowed enough that you could see it with the naked eye....a ruler across the top confirmed this. What clued me in to that wonderful discovery was when my YHM rear sight would not go on to the rail unless I used a hammer to drive it on. Trigger group was crappy, and appeared to be ground down in various places after the finish had been applied. Front sight base was an obvious reject due to the crappy casting and way disproportionate "ears", it was also for an A2 upper and not for a flat top, even though the assembled upper I purchased was a flat top. Extractor failed after about 30 rounds, and the carrier key wasn't staked. I need to check the headspace and chamber dimensions because I don't even trust that these are in spec at this point. It all appears to be reject junk from other manufacturers. They advertise all their products as Mil-spec, quality stuff, but everything I saw in my kit leads me to doubt everything they claim. I wouldn't trust these guys to take out the trash, and will not purchase anything from Blackthorne, Hesse, Vulcan again. Stick with Del-Ton, BCM or one of the other reputable suppliers that care about their customers, and their corporate image.
  6. My slightly modified NHM91
  7. Thank you Greg, I will be sure to check them out.
  8. Thanks for the Welcome SatCong. Looks like Arizona Tactical Firearms is good to go on allot of the items I'd need. I'm going to try (as my limited time permits) to check out a number of other businesses that have been mentioned......as I get the opportunity I'll post the results. Thanks for the input Psywarrior, I'll put ASA on my list. Allways good to have multiple sources to go to.
  9. Thanks for the replies and the Welcomes jred83002 and donbeeler49. I'm going to be in the Tempe area today so maybe I'll stop in at AZ Tactical and check them out.
  10. Thanks for the welcome.....and the info Dragonstaar. Looks like the second link you provided may have some promising leads, I'll have to warm up my phone and give a few of those businesses a call. I sometimes manage to get up there to that land far away and to the North, but it has been quite some time since my last visit. I'm anxious to get up there again soon and see how Wiley your Northern Coyotes are
  11. Sounds like my experience this past week. Just got done building my first AR (5.56 chamber). Went out to the range last month and fired some Wolf and some of my reloads though it with no problem, brought it home and gave it a good cleaning thought I was good to go. Went out this week with the Remington UMC and had every other case fail to extract and the next round try to ram itself into the fired casing, had multiple rounds jam the bullet back into the case neck....blew two primers out, one of which got stuck in my trigger group causing it to jam up......needless to say I was pissed. Went home, bought a new extractor and spring, blamed it on the rifle and tried to figure out what the heck went wrong from one session to the next....now thanks to this thread, I might have an idea of what my issue is. Just another note to add, I brought home a number of the casings from the rounds that actually fired, and they looked like they were expanded much more than usual....I could also see where the extractor had tried to pull the casing out due to the damage done to the case rim. Looked like the rounds may have been very hot, or the brass softer than it should be. Either way, no more UMC for me!
  12. New member from Mesa, AZ. Been a shooter all my life. Love AK's and Glocks. Just built my first AR and am trying real hard to catch the BRD.
  13. Thank you BadKarma....good to be here.
  14. Hello to all my fellow AZ gunners. First time post from an AR-15 Newbie. (I know, bad combination, but everyone has got to start somewhere) Can anyone tell me if there are any places here in the Phoenix/Mesa/AJ area that deal in AR-15 parts? I am looking for a storefront location I can walk into and get replacement parts for my AR. I usually order off the internet, but there are times I'd like to just go pick up some gas rings or an extractor etc. without having to pay 10 bucks in shipping. Thanks in advance for your help. Fixit.
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