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  1. I was wondering what triggers are in these rifles? Specifically the Desert Tan cammo (bro-Pg2)
  2. they just said they would throw in an extra mag and upgrade the pistol for my trouble.
  3. I got my pistol back yesterday It is a brand new pistol just like the one I sent them. However there are no "upgrades" as they promised.
  4. I talked to a very nice lady on monday of last week. She let me know that they recived a shipment in from italy and wanted to know where I would like my weapon shipped to. Today is Sunday 6 days later and I havent seen any thing. I am crossing my fingers it will show up on monday. I will let you know what "upgrades" they have done to the weapon. I think I may keep the weapon and see if it was a fluke or a genuine bad design.
  5. I know all about paul I will give them a call and hopefully talk with any one but him. Do you have the address to tanfoglio in italy?
  6. I am having some trouble with a witness stock in 10mm. I have put around 1k through the gun with no problems. But the last few times to the range once or twice per magazine the trigger will fail to reset. I can pull the trigger and nothing happens I then take my finger off the trigger and pull it a second time and the weapon will fire. It is like something is catching on or pinching the trigger bar not allowing it to come up and reset the trigger. I have tried to recreate the problem on my bench but no luck. The only time this happens is while shooting.
  7. Well I got a very surprising phone call today. I had a guy call me from EAA and ask if I was having trouble with my pistol. He told me about 4 times that he was very sorry about everything that had happened with my pistol and my experience with EAA. Any way I told him that I appreciated his concern but I wanted a refund because I didn’t want to wait till June to have my gun back. He was shocked to hear that some one had told me my gun would not be back for 60 days. He then went on to tell me that I would have it back LONG before June. Also he said he wanted to make it right and he will be upgrading the pistol because of the hassle and trouble I have gone through. I told him if he could in fact get it back to me in a reasonable amount of time I would give the pistol another try. So make of it what you want but I guess there is some one at Eaa that cares. Either that or the Emails that I sent to Italy found some one there that was concerned about their importer treating there customers like crap. I will keep you guys updated.
  8. Well I was about to ask his name but I didn't get the chance before he ended the call. I will be calling a manager tomorrow and hopefully find some one that auctually cares. I did send an email to Tanfoglio in Italy including my bad experience with EAA and also sent them the photos of the failure of the weapon.
  9. I was pretty calm through the whole ordeal and was confident that they would be decent to deal with and take care of me. I was so wrong!! I am shaking I am so freaking mad right now. I just got a call from the gun technician and right off the bat he was a complete jerk. I asked him how he was doing and he replied with a what do you want I was told to give you a call. I asked him if he had a chance to look over the pistol. To witch he replied yea its broke I saw that. I asked him if he had any idea what may have caused it. WRONG!!! thing to ask he blew up at me and went on a tangent on how I was shooting junk ammo, I dropped the gun or I had shot 30,000 rounds and wore it out. I tried to explain to him at least 3 different times that I just bought the gun on Friday and shot factory hornady ammo but I was cut off each time. He just didn’t want to hear the story on what had happened nor did he care one bit that I only had the gun in my position less than 36 hours before it broke. I asked him if he was going to ship out a complete new pistol or just fix the frame on mine. He replied that he didn’t have any and didn’t know when they would get any more in. And I swear he mumbled something about me just blowing up the next one again (to witch I ignored). So I asked him if he had any of the Witness match pistols in stock that they could send me. Kind of like an upgrade to try and make the deal right and so I didn’t have to wait for months to get another gun. He said they did in fact have a match pistol but I would have to pay full retail on the difference in the price. I told him I would pay the difference but the ethical thing for them to do would be at least only charge me factory cost for the upgrade. And to this he laughed at me I am not kidding he laughed! The conversation then went back to how long it was going to take to get some more of the standard witness back from the factory and that I didn't want to be with out the pistol for 3 months. Then he said if I didn't want to wait he would refund my money and hung up on me. During the conversation I asked him why he was being so nasty and he said that he had answered all of my questions and that he was very busy and didn't have time to discuss his conduct on the phone. So I still have no Idea weather he was serious about giving me a refund or if they were going to send me another gun as he just hung up on me. Sorry if this is kind of all ran together or rambling on but I am just so mad right now never in my life have I been treated so poorly.
  10. I sent the weapon back today. They should be getting it tomorrow I will keep you guys updated. BTW they seemed nice enough and were very concerned on the phone so I suppose that is a good sign
  11. Hey guys I got my first 10mm on Friday, It is the EAA Witness Wonderfinish. I took it to the range on Saturday and shot a box and a half of Hornady 180gr XTP through it. 30 rounds (mild loads for the 10mm) The pistol shot AMAZING! It was very accurate and felt perfect in my hand and shot great with none of the jamming people mention. However as I was looking over the weapon today I noticed that the frame was in bad shape. The left side has a piece of the frame rail completely missing starting at the safe lever ang going all the way back. and the right side is starting to crack from the rear of the frame rail forwarad about an inch and a half. I have heard stories about the slide cracking but no problems with the frame so I just thought I would share my story. Hopefully EAA has gotten better in the customer service department.
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