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  1. PD-Hunter

    AR 15 life expectancy?

    I "Moly" all my rifle bullets, whether they are used for plinking or hunting. I also follow the moly coating with a Carnuba wax coating to protect the moly. I find it helps accuracy, velocity and copper fouling is almost eliminated. I've been moly coating my bullets for over 10 years now.
  2. Since I reload, then I would never buy steel cases......my 2 cents
  3. PD-Hunter

    .223/5.56 ammo stash

    About 2K - .223, 600 - .17 Remington, 700 - .17 Mach IV, 4k - .22, 1K - 9mm, 1k - .45 auto Planning a Prairie Dog trip, so I'll have lots less when I return.
  4. PD-Hunter

    Lower reciever prices

    If you want a "Billet Lower", then check this company out. I have 7 of these and used the DPMS kit to assemble them. I was amazed as to how precision quality they are, great finish as well. They also will do special engraving as well, for a fee of course. GT Virtual Concepts LLC PO Box 72622 Newnan, GA 30271-2622 www.gtvc-mfg.com www.gtvirtualconcepts.com If you live within driving distance, get in touch and they will sell direct to you, and all you have to do is sign the paperwork.
  5. PD-Hunter

    Different Kind of Painting Project

    #1 for sure, but make sure you use a HEAT RESISTANT paint, gonna get HOT.
  6. PD-Hunter


    Great information, Thanks
  7. PD-Hunter

    I need some advice.

    Any Center Fire .22 works for deer, and I know a guy and that is all he hunts with. Biggest problem he has is that the .223 doesn't leave a very good blood trail to follow. I would suggest an upper in 7.62X39, larger bullet, and the distance for most shots is 100 yards or less. Me I use a bolt action Rem 700 in .308, haven't lost a deer yet. Good Luck,
  8. PD-Hunter

    Stiff Selector on a New Rifle

    I found that putting a small amount of grease on the detent made a lot of difference. Anytime you have metal to metal a little lubricant will keep wear to a minimum. Good Luck,
  9. PD-Hunter

    billet mfg. question

    I just went to GTVC-MFG.com last Friday, and they machine theirs from a billet of Alum., and I might add it is the neatest I have ever seen. I put DPMS kits in several last Saturday and the job was easy. I was very impressed with the quality and accuracy of the Lower Frame. Check them out,
  10. PD-Hunter

    switching barrels

    I'm a newbie, and just built my lower from scratch, using a www.gtvc-mfg.com frame and a DPMS lower kit, along with a DPMS 6 way stock. All seemed very easy, and everything was a perfect fit. I have been wanting to build my upper, but the head spacing was my biggest worry, so what I'm reading from the above, is that you can order a barrel and then a bolt and marry them together with out a worry about the head space? I would think that one should order the barrel and bolt as a matched pair and that the head space should be perfect from the manufacturer. Not sure what is the best direction to go. Thanks,
  11. I do know that www.GTVC-MFG.com in Newnan, Georgia offers engraving, for a fee. They make an excellent lower, milled from Billet Alum., very high quality.
  12. PD-Hunter

    Who we got from GA?

    70 Miles North of Atlanta, Dahlonega, GA. Retired and loving it.
  13. PD-Hunter

    Dillon 550 on order!

    I have had my Dillon 550 for years, and am getting the trimmer and die for .223, so I can crank them out fast enough to stay ahead of the AR15. Well maybe not staying ahead, but keeping up might be the better term. NRA Life Member
  14. PD-Hunter

    Question on Switching a Dillon 550B Caliber

    I'm getting ready to buy the case trimmer, trim die, and .223 conversion, and powder measure, $412 ouch.
  15. PD-Hunter

    Full lentgh resize

    I found that you must always resize for Lever Action rifles as well, broken Marlin extractor proves it.