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  1. Silversam1

    Bugout Weapons

    Wow this thread has been around for awhile. Good info. My weapon of choice. Remington 870 tactical shotgun.
  2. Silversam1

    Weird survivalist question

    Yesterday I was out with the wife and kids and hit a park where there was a easter egg hunt. Since I have 3 kids, my bag of choice is a Lg Alice pack because dad always gets to carry everyone's stuff. Now you may be wondering what this has to do with what you are talking about? I have the pack as a staple in my car with a lot of "just in case" stuff. If your a dad, then you know what I mean. I always carry a first aid kit, extra food, bottles of water, rain gear etc. As I was looking around, I noticed that I was the only person who was walking around with a backpack. I live right outside Kc,Mo and I am a suburan dweller. By walking on the planet for 50 years I have had the oppurtunity to get stuck without the right gear before. It only takes once for me. As far as being a survivalist, I dont know. But I do know that being mentally aware of current times and being prepared to be able to live and take care of my family can't be a bad thing. Having the right firearm for the occasion is also a good thing. Good thing the easter bunny didn't show his little head