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  1. A nice West German Sig P228, with the remainder spent on mags.
  2. Good morning, everyone.
  3. Good morning, G. Good morning, Armory.
  4. KZero

    Hey newbe

    Happy (belated) Birthday, bud!
  5. Got my inforce light in the mail today. Pretty cool light. Thanks for setting all this up, G.
  6. Considering what I've seen them go for locally, I think you did just fine, Jake.
  7. Good morning, G. Good morning, everyone.
  8. Good morning, everyone. Hope all of you had a good long weekend.
  9. KZero

    Hey TaosGlock

    Happy (belated) Birthday, TG!
  10. Good morning, Armory. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.
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