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    Which brand of 5.45x39?

    (RECEIVED WRONG UPPER STYLE, BUT WILL KEEP IT, MORE INFO DOWN SEVERAL POSTS)Hopefully I wasn't full of it ordering me a 5.45x39 upper for my ar lower, getting a Olympic arms A3 flat top with front sight, stainless barrel in matt finish, 1 in 8" twist and 16", and one mag, probably be here in about a week, for $550. Ordered some 30 rounder mags(6) that are stainless steel and anti-tilt followers, $18 apiece that are for this caliber and the best there is. Then I ordered from somewhere else two spam cans of 1080 each a $145 each military ammo of 52 gr 90's production, and a complete a3 carry handle with a2 sights for $35 sale price, all back ordered for about another month and more. What I have for this is a Charles Daly complete lower with a2 buttstock which had cost me $329 last November, of which I kind of prefer a full length buttstock anyway at least for now. Now the biggest joke of the situation is I have to sell off a few things to replace the credit, but I am looking forward to some cheap-ish ammo plinking, and technically one can defend themself too. Other than that, I had heard there was a extensive wait period for Smith and Wesson ar15 complete uppers in 5.45x39.