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  1. I understand that retailers are getting small amounts of ammo and reloading supplies and are quickly bought up. What I don't understand is why the manufactuers are sending so little in the first place since they should be making what they were making pre-panic. Is it really the Government buying 2 billion rounds that prevents the manufactuers from meeting the retailers demand? and why is steel case ammo equally short to the retailers?? This shortage just doesn't make sense.
  2. You need to lube the inside of the neck, without it your going to get a case stuck in the die which I'm surprised you haven't done already, when you do you will have a real hobby getting the stuck out. Just a little lube on the case just below the shoulder is needed, no lube on the outside of the neck or you will start seeing lube dents on the shoulder
  3. No particular reason, it was recommended but a couple of friends, any recommendations?? I'm open to suggestions
  4. Stock - this one http://palmettostatearmory.com/index.php/a...-build-kit.html I just wanted to know if the carbine length buffer was correct for a mid-length system or if I need a standard A2 buffer length. From what I'm reading, get the moe kit and if I need further adjustment get a different buffer weight -got it--thanks!!
  5. I'm planning on a 16" mid length gas upper? A standard rifle (20") length buffer or a carbine M4 length buffer?
  6. I want to thank everyone for the reply's I'm breathing easier. Anyone know what I can do to the laser etched POW/MIA to make it more subdued?
  7. have a friend who has an FFL. he got me a new lower for $100, It's an RGuns with POW/MIA laser etched on the left side, I given it a good look over and all hole are alined and not out of round, no blemishes - looks OK. I have since done a number of searches on line and cannot find good reviews soooooo........ Did I just get screwed??? I know no one is a fan of the people who work there but is the lower its self still good for a 1st time build??? I plan on buying an LPK from Bravo Co or PSA and a complete BCM upper.
  8. Thanks, A friend of mine is an FFL was able to find one for $110 - lower, shipping and transfer. The only difference is mine will a POW logo rather than the SOG armory. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a peace of junk
  9. I was wondering if anyone has any experience in SOG Armory stripped lower receivers. I read that they were built to exacting Mil-Spec Standards. I was wondering if they are good quality and what other peoples experience are with them. Thanks for any information.
  10. I was given 500 FA57, LC62 & LC64 NM Match brass. The brass is in good condition just a little tarnished. I can tell they are once fired, still have original primers with red sealant. Given the age are they safe to reload??
  11. I was given 3/4 lb of old BLC2 powder It came in it's original rectangular card board container that's black and purple. There is no acid smell, no reddish brown color. I compared it some fresh/new lot of BLC2 and it looks the same, just not the new powder smell. I have no idea what condition it was stored but my guess is on a garage shelf. It's pretty dry in NM so I don't think moisture got to it. On the side it's marked APR 1079, so I guess it was made in April 1979 making it 32 years old. Should I try and use it in my 30-06 or just turn it into plant food??
  12. AR15 owners are being treated like the poor guy in that photo
  13. That's want I'm saying I looked at cheaper than dirt and a few other places and their selling it for $11 -$12 also!!!
  14. I've had an LR 308B for 4 years. Only complaint is it's weight, I got a 3 pt sling that's meant for an M60 to carry during Elk hunting. One of my sons took a huge cow elk with it 2 years ago. If you reload ( I know it invalidates the warranty) you'll need small base dies, full length dies won't do it as I learned this the hard way. The plus is the mags, you can use Magpul 20rd which cost $20
  15. Thanks everyone. Yes I did walk up on the power charge. At 24.5 I started to see pressured signs on the primer so i backed off. No matter where it throws the brass the rifle runs like Swiss watch. I have over 2.5K rounds thru it, the most I've shot in one session is 500. Like I said, no problems with anything I give it, I was just a little concerned with ejection pattern
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