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  1. but I found one not too far from home...hope it's not canx
  2. Nope FL Rifle Association doesn't come up in any searches. The CMP site is fine but you have to wade through 41 pages of returns to find ones in Fl. and they don't seem to be in any order
  3. Thx retcop! I checked out the Fl Shooting Sports page...but appears to be a "cobweb" site, no updates since June of last year. Standing by P.S. I used to be a FAL guy (falfiles.com) but sold my foreign guns and now just have my U.S. service rifles...so I'll be around more :-)
  4. is there any organized Service rifle matches in the state...contact info? Thanks!
  5. OK...well maybe if I give more info: I reinstalled that foward insert and measured .375 for the insert and the hand guard material. Then I measured the space available within the foward retainer, .345 so I'm .030 too big on the front. Weapon is a new DPMS, do they use over sized barrels or improper front retainers?? Thanks in advance!
  6. Good day guys My 1st post here and I'm thinking I came to the right place. I got some KA front guards and could not get them on. Problem is the front, that metal insert makes the front guard sit up too high and guard will not slide under/into that retainer. I looked at the instructions and it only referances the rear...it shows the front easily sliding right in! Anyway after scratching the top of the barrel from that front thing I figured they weren't for my gun and just removed the front and rear metal hardware.. they then went on easy and fit great! Problem is now after I installed a light/laser on the bottom rail the bottom handguard is loose, so I'm guessing those parts are needed after all So what is the deal here guys? If you look at just that front insert you'll see it fits in the foward retainer tight all on it's own, how could the extra materal from the hand guard fit possibly fit? Do I just "force" the front guard on and bend up that front retainer??? Thanks in advance AK
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