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  1. goau

    need opinion on purchase

    That's just it, i don't need them. that's why my offer was $1500 for both. i didn't expect him to accept. i already bought a kel tec 2000 .40 cal for $200 (new in box). a used CZ 82 for $100 from him. he bought 7 AR 15's and a ton of other guns. now wants to move out of country & sell.
  2. goau

    need opinion on purchase

    yes, found out today its a M&P 15. but that's all he said. he had the gun out on the phone looking for info on the gun. the bushmaster was a XM15-E2S. i told him i'm close but some ammo would seal the deal. he has over 20k of 223.
  3. goau

    need opinion on purchase

    so you'd buy both at $1500? he has about $2500 (w/ tax) in them. Bought both at academy. $1100 bushmaster, $1400 S&W
  4. I already own one AR 15 (bushmaster) that i got about a year ago. I know someone that also bought a few AR's last summer & wants to sell me two of them. One is another bushmaster like i have, the other is a S&W (or M&P) and both are still new in the box. He wants $1500 for both. Should i buy them?? Comments?? Thanks