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  1. If you drop the coin for a Nightforce, you will not be disappointed. I LOVE mine. I have the NXS 5.5-22x50mm with NP-R1 ret. on my 5R. Exceptional clarity. And it has 100 MOA of elevation adjustment, which is plenty to get a .308 easily on target out to 1k without a compensated base.
  2. Please tell me his last name isn't Wright.
  3. I wish that Photobucket (and other hosting sites) didn't mung up the EXIF. Friggin great shot. Can always count on an amazing level of detail from your shots.
  4. Isn't he the Mad Drifter?
  5. That, brother, is an Acura NSX.
  6. Oooooh, I like that one a lot better. It is a toss up now between the gray Lotus Elan and a gunmetal Nissan GT-R. Decisions, decisions, decisions.............................(I need to buy a lottery ticket).
  7. Buy me one for Christmas?
  8. Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. Here are the shots prior to any modification or cropping. Converted straight to jpeg from NEF. In looking at them now, most of what I did to the in process is what needed to be left alone. They look better prior to me messing with them. On the Double Delight, you can see where I made the cardinal sin of getting my own shadow in the shot, but the sun was in the west right then, and that rose was facing west. (The Abe Lincoln was facing more south). The closer I got to it at that angle, the worse my shadow got. But my composition in both shots totally blew. And the surrounding flowers were some really sad specimens at that point. I really REALLY should have had more patience and waited to take the shots when better blooms were out and the lighting was more in my favor. (Or broke the camera out earlier in the week when everything was freshly bloomed). Those suckers are hard to catch when they are all nice. Those bushes pop out tons of blooms at a time, and they all open and wilt at different times. But, that is part of the process. Learning about your subject and creating a good shot. I will work on the distance and DOF factors on my next round. Thanks very much for the input!!! (That is exactly what I wanted from this thread).
  9. Now you are just getting into deep singularity physics. What kind of buggy is that?
  10. Ooooooh, awesome detail for a panning shot of a fast moving subject. (Or at least it looks like it is going fast. But that car probably looks like it is going fast when it is sitting still in a parking lot). Love the colors. Really pops. The gradient effect the sun has on the front of the car is a cool. Makes it look like the car is going so fast that it is heating up the front end. (Okay, so I have a over active nerd imagination).
  11. Okay, here are a couple that I recently took with my 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED AF-S DX lens. The first is an Abe Lincoln rose in my front yard. I was really close to it when I took it. I was amazed at the detail. The veins in the petals and the contrast already there was surprising to me. I only adjusted the contrast up a couple of notches and tipped up the shadows a couple of notches. Beyond that, I have not altered the image beyond cropping it. The next one is of a Double Delight rose (also in my front yard). I was also super close to this one. The details of the petals as well as the cells in the leaves again surprised me. (I have been wanting to get shots of something that I could get some real details on with this camera). As with the first one, I only adjusted the contrast a notch, the shadows a couple of notches, and the vibrancy up one notch. Aside from those adjustments and cropping, that is all I have done. Please critique. (And yes, I probably could have come out a day earlier and shot the roses when they were just a little fresher and had not endured the heat over a day or two. ).
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