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  1. recon013

    M4A3/Ar 15

    It's real but not for sale. My father owed a print shop and we did a lot of stuff for them during the elections. I used to have a bunch of samples of what we printed but it all got burned in a fire back in the early 90s
  2. If you guys want to get together for a shoot, let me know. I'm in.
  3. Don't worry, Rampy's English is nothing to brag about either
  4. Those are nice. I do a lot of builds for customer with those.
  5. recon013

    AR prices

    I would say it's hit bottom just because of production cost. As a dealer, I can tell you ARs are not going to get much cheaper without putting a lot of companies out of business which in the long run will raise prices. Right now there are a million places you can go to buy a assault rifle. The heard will be thinned out and prices will eventually rise.
  6. LAR makes them and they have been field tested and used in combat. That said, I don't know the results of the testing and have never spoken to anybody that used one in the field myself. They're cool though and I wouldn't mind having one.
  7. I'm going to the Tanner in Denver this weekend. I'm sure it's going to suck but I have to go.
  8. Man, I haven't seen that in years
  9. Aren't the ones with the orge tip supposed to be for airsoft?
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