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  1. recon013

    M4A3/Ar 15

    It's real but not for sale. My father owed a print shop and we did a lot of stuff for them during the elections. I used to have a bunch of samples of what we printed but it all got burned in a fire back in the early 90s
  2. If you guys want to get together for a shoot, let me know. I'm in.
  3. Don't worry, Rampy's English is nothing to brag about either
  4. recon013

    Lets See Those GUITARS

    Thats a sweet rig. Enjoy!
  5. Just sent them an email. I'll be there.
  6. recon013

    how to look like a fool when you use a tool

    Does it come with a vagina?
  7. recon013

    Sub-$200 FF Mid-Length Rail System

    Those are nice. I do a lot of builds for customer with those.
  8. recon013

    AR prices

    I would say it's hit bottom just because of production cost. As a dealer, I can tell you ARs are not going to get much cheaper without putting a lot of companies out of business which in the long run will raise prices. Right now there are a million places you can go to buy a assault rifle. The heard will be thinned out and prices will eventually rise.
  9. recon013

    Side Charge

    LAR makes them and they have been field tested and used in combat. That said, I don't know the results of the testing and have never spoken to anybody that used one in the field myself. They're cool though and I wouldn't mind having one.
  10. recon013

    Gun Shows

    I'm going to the Tanner in Denver this weekend. I'm sure it's going to suck but I have to go.
  11. recon013

    Can You Fly? I

    Man, I haven't seen that in years
  12. recon013

    Its taking shape

    Aren't the ones with the orge tip supposed to be for airsoft?
  13. recon013

    Tactical Bacon Cooking.