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  1. aragon449

    Cool baby boy names

    We decided to stop at our second kiddo. Next name we had picked for a boy was going to be Harper or Harbour.
  2. aragon449

    gun safe interior

    have you ever seen the Pendleton safes? they have this revolving safe interior that is realy neat. I have a cousin who saw it and made one similar using an old walmart revolving display case for his safe. http://www.pendletonsafes.com/safes/
  3. aragon449

    Was metal detecting and found this. Any guesses??

    seriously though it looks like part of an antique pull behind seed spreaded that my grandfather had. the wide protion was a step to get into the top of the hopper. or at lease thats what it looks like to me.
  4. aragon449

    Was metal detecting and found this. Any guesses??

    over the batteries for the sound powered phones.
  5. As for loosing jobs of hard working Americans as Pepper pointed out, around here most of the manual labor jobs are filled with tons of illegals. I know this for a fact I have worked with the myself. Doing things this way could still keep the Americans emploied if they were used as formen. Someone would have to know how to do the jobs to begin with. I dont think most guards know how to run a construction site. Besides I know that there would have to be some fine tuning. this was just my idea for a good start on fixing something that has been broken for a long time.
  6. As far as the pleaing thing went I was refering to pleaing for reduced sentences for probation, time served or early out for parrol. I could be way off on my thinking of how that works but, I have never been in any kind of trouble to find out. Basicaly i want a day for day sentence no exceptions.
  7. I agree I just dont want to pay for it. find a way for them to earn the money to pay for it. I work on Redstone Arsenal Army base in Alabama. They award a huge contract for grounds maintenance every year or so. If we could farm that out to a chain gang for a reduced rate you kill two birds with one stone. Base expences go down wich should theoreticaly allow reduced defence budget spending and also pays for the prisoners wich again should cut federal spending. This is just one example, but i think it would work if we could find enough of these type of instances.
  8. now some of you smarter guy than me go make this happen!!
  9. i just dont get how we have prisoners who have better medical treatment, living conditions, and educational oportunities than some people who follow the laws and are not being punnished. and why am i paying for it ? pay them all minimum wage while they are on the chain gang and make them work hard for it. they should work 12hr M-S 8hr Sunday with no overtime pay and no exemptions other than fatal ilness. Deduct from their pay all living expences, incarseration cost , and court ordered restitutions. Whatever pay is left over after that should go on their books. If they have the time and money and want an education then they should pay out of their pockets for the instructors to come in for classes and books. But if you dont work you dont get paid and you dont eat more than bread and water. whatever money is left on their books when they finish their sectence should be paid out to them. This gives them a way of having a small nest egg to get started with getting back on their feet vs. being tossed out with no way to provide for themselves in the short term.
  10. Ok time for my "perfect world" thoughts on this! IMHO we should be making jail time an actual punishment. Go back to oldschool deep south southern Georgia style chain gangs. Make prison sectences and living conditions so abhorent that anyone who has been would rather hang themselves than do anything else that could send them back. I'm talking about working them like a borrowed mule! No time off for good behavior, no deals, no parrol the sentence is the sentence day for day. With that being said once they are out they are done with no limitations or following penalties. Only exception being jobs that require security clearances ect.. all other rights should be restored the day they are released. If they are convicted of a crime where socioty does not trust them with all of their rights restored then they have no place in our socioty and the penalty should not be time served. In these cases the penalty should be exicution after their 1 year to make appeals. also use the chian gang like Joe Arapio (spelling?)does with his. bid them out for road construction, grounds maintenance, ect.. to help pay for their upkeep.
  11. aragon449

    So I got Married...

    Congrats! Now the question you will be asked repeatedly. Why would you go and do a stupid thing like that?!
  12. aragon449

    key holeing problems

    He will be back out here for x-mas. I will have a crony by then and we will see what that tells me. I'll also check the twist rate myself, he's a bit retarded. thanks for the thoughts on what to look for though.
  13. aragon449

    key holeing problems

    OK I have been loading 62gr FMJSC with 24.6gr of Tac. very acurate round for my SBR. My brother in law is a LEO, he brought over his issued SBR a few weeks ago and we went to the range. His SBR loved my reloads also. For some odd reason his department changed all of their rifles to A2 configureations. Well over the holiday weekend we went to the range again and he had is now A2 rifle with him and tried my load in it again. We were at the 25yrd line starting and every shot was key holeing and not just a little off, I'm talking perfect 90^ flat slapping the target. The rifle is sporting an 18" 1:7 twist barrel, same twist rate as my SBR. Factory 55gr american eagle worked fine. Can some one enlighten me as to WTF could be causing this? I may be wrong but shouldnt a longer barrel with the same twist rate stableize the round better than a short barrel? I didnt have a crony with me so I coulndt clock speeds but even so a longer barrel should have higher velocity and stabelize better also I would think.
  14. aragon449

    Separating brass from media

    ok perhaps im just cheap but, i just use a dollar store mop bucket and spageti strainer. strainer fits perfectly in the top of the bucket and after just a few shakes everything is seperated nicely.
  15. aragon449

    Quiting smoking.

    made me constantly sick at my stomach, and lots of sand box dreams that seemed so real the wife made me stop taking it. definatly put the night stand pistol away.