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  1. But the Federal Reserve is what authorizes the printing.
  2. Thanks for the wishes guys. I've been busy moving all week. Right now I don't have the net at the new place, so my access will be limited for a little while at least. But thanks again!
  3. GMT is used because the English considered themselves to be the center of the western world. If I had to take a stab in the dark, I'd guess Mecca is considered the center of the Islamic world. You're looking too deeply into stuff, man.
  4. Probably closer Fox using GMT. It's the standard time for their viewers.
  5. If a company offered a service and and an employee unilaterally decided to not allow me access to it, I'd find someone to do business with immediately. Or go over his head. You won't get in trouble for that?
  6. That's right, because your state paid for the base out of their budget...
  7. The difference being, I was tearing up at a Wal-mart dedication. That's the silly part.
  8. Amazing Grace on the bag pipes always gets me too. My local wal-mart upgraded to a super-center a while back and had a bag piper play for the dedication. I didn't cry, but I'm sure my eyes watered up. Musta looked silly as hell.
  9. I hate to say it Pepper, but you're part of the dispute settling branch of the organization that supplies a lot of people with everything they need.
  10. What do you expect when the government positions itself to solve everyone's problems? People will look to the government for solutions.
  11. Badly is an adverb. Bad can be any number of things but usually an adjective.
  12. His butthurt ego is more important than a human life? He should be tarred and feathered.
  13. You guys already pointed out the first thing I though, Coke still has "cocaine" in it. This German up roar is silly.
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